Politics Órdago de Podemos to Yolanda Díaz against all her partners: they demand a meeting now and that she campaign

The political space to the left of the PSOE is stuck in a labyrinth that nobody knows if there is a way out

Politics Órdago de Podemos to Yolanda Díaz against all her partners: they demand a meeting now and that she campaign

The political space to the left of the PSOE is stuck in a labyrinth that nobody knows if there is a way out. And if he has it, it remains to be seen in what conditions each one can leave. Because the struggle between Podemos and Yolanda Díaz contaminates everything and begins to provoke destructive dynamics that, as in the Gag Law debate, already affects the functioning of the parliamentary group, crossed by divisions according to which side the loyalty of each organization is on. that integrates Unidas Podemos and, likewise, that of each deputy.

Podemos has launched an order to Díaz to close a “coalition” agreement before he announces his candidacy for the generals. That period is marked by the forecast of the second vice president to make public her step in front of her in an act in Madrid, at the end of March or, at the latest, after Easter. His plan was to have everyone who would potentially be included in his Sumar project, also those who are now outside of Unidas Podemos, but the purple formation has stood up and has warned Díaz that if they do not have a pact with them beforehand, that Ione Belarra and other weighty leaders who commit Podemos in an uncertain future will not be there that day.

The categoricalness with which this position has been established caused a reaction from the forces closest to Díaz to shield it from the "pressure" of the Belarras, Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias. In the last few hours, this operation has been embodied in concrete acts by the IU and the commons of Ada Colau, who, although they have acted as supporters of Díaz for a long time, had avoided refuting Podemos in public.

Yesterday Alberto Garzón also took that step. The Minister of Consumption and leader of the IU called to "protect" Díaz in full tensions in space, stressing that it is for the benefit of the people, of the entire block of the alternative left and also of the future coalition with the PSOE . In statements collected by Efe, he came out in defense of the construction of Sumar and said that it is something "absolutely necessary" for voters.

A day before, Colau's space closed ranks with Díaz. The deputy of the commons Aina Vidal censured the attitude of Podemos: "People are bored with the sums of parties, I think that this is not the time to raise these types of issues," she said. For her, it is not necessary to talk now about certain issues with the electoral lists, as the purple ones want, who seek to ensure a preponderant role and the political conditions that it has with a prior pact. Also Iñigo Errejón, who has been closer to Díaz than those who today share the Council of Ministers with her from Podemos, joined that idea to let the vice president work "without pressure."

Despite the movement of the partners to safeguard Díaz, Podemos maintains the same attitude. The sources consulted yesterday reaffirmed their order to close a coalition agreement before the presentation of the candidacy instead of leaving it, as Díaz proposes, for the month of June, once the regional and municipal elections have passed. The purple argument is that you have to be prepared for a hypothetical electoral advance by Pedro Sánchez.

Podemos and Díaz's team have held some meetings but have not met since February. In any case, the discrepancies that stall an agreement have been dragging on for much longer. Podemos wants to talk about lists or their power within the "coalition." On the other hand, the role that Díaz is going to play in the May campaign, and which is crucial for Podemos, also distances them. For a long time now, the purples have insisted that it be included in the most representative territories, such as the Community of Madrid (it would collide with Más Madrid) or the Valencian Community (in a bid with Compromís), but she maintains her position of making minimal collaborations, such as to help Colau. Well, she doesn't want to get involved where there are competing lists of parties that she aspires to sponsor in Sumar.

This context explains the confrontation so great that it shook United We Can on Tuesday with the gag law. Podemos, on the one hand, confronted and questioned the positions of Enrique Santiago (IU) and Jaume Asens (common). That is, the ones that Díaz endorsed.

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