THC Vape Juice Vaporizer Buying Guide

According to recent studies and statistics, the cannabis industry is experiencing market growth now than in any other time in its history.

THC Vape Juice Vaporizer Buying Guide

According to recent studies and statistics, the cannabis industry is experiencing market growth now than in any other time in its history. One of the factors that contribute to its growth is technology.

Nowadays, vendors are marketing their products online, and users can now consume marijuana by using vaporizers. Any new user can have problems finding the right vaporizer for vaping his or her e juice. Reason being, there are myriads of options in the market; hence, it is confusing to buyers.

Why are people using vaporizers more?

Two main reasons that lead to a rise in the number of people that use these tools include the legalization of marijuana and health concerns related to smoking.

Initially, governments were skeptical about the legalization of marijuana. After numerous case studies, however, they found out that marijuana carries some medicinal benefits. For instance, several cancer patients use the drug to calm the pain experienced after chemotherapy.

Besides that, the original method of consuming the drug was cumbersome, as users would ingest raw smoke. In essence, the smoke has a high possibility of spreading cancer to the consumer’s body.

Vaporizers deal with this problem.   They consist of a heating element, which turns the cannabis extract mixed with water or alcohol, into a healthy vapor.

Other reasons why people prefer vaping include:

    You could add some flavor to your THC extract. It makes the vapor discreet, and you could vape in public

    THC extract brings in more effects than smoking raw cannabis. Note CBD, which is the other compound found in hemp, limits the strength of the THC. Hence, the ‘high’ may not last longer than when you use THC alone

    You can make THC at home. You can prepare it and add a diluent to reduce the throat hit. Remember, the throat hit is a factor that could be difficult to eliminate when smoking a joint

Are THC vaporizers legal?

Not all states support the legalization of marijuana. However, in some states, they may legalize it medicinally and limit its use recreationally. Therefore, a doctor has to prescribe it to you.

Verify with the laws of your country or state to find out if these tools are legal or not. With government limitations, the prices can hike up for any cannabis product you would love to purchase.

What are the factors you should consider when buying the right vaporizer?

Before you pay for any THC vaporizer, here are some things that you have to put in mind.

1. The size

Vaporizers are the massive forms of vaping tools; otherwise known as desktop versions. They are not portable and are proper for a large group. Vape pens are the small and portable types. They can fit into your pocket or purse, which also means, it is possible to smoke while on the move.

2. Scrutinize its power System

Generally, vaporizers tend to use electricity to heat up the e juice. On the other hand, vape pens tend to use a battery, which you require to charge before using it.

Some pens allow you to use it while still charging. Others will demand that you wait until it gets to full charge. During selection, find out how long you will need to charge it, and the its battery life. Low battery life can be inconveniencing for travelers who are away from a charging point most of the times.

3. Consider the size of the chamber

The chamber is where you will store the vape juice. Because you want to use it for long before you refill it, examine its size and how much hits you will have to take before filling it with vape juice again.

If the THC extract does not fit into the chamber, try breaking it into small pieces.

4. Combustion method

Most vaporizers use two ways to turn the cannabis extract into vapor: convection, and conduction.

Through conduction, the heating gets into direct contact with the cannabis extract, while convection is the best option for vaping THC vape juice.

Other factors to consider include:

    Have a clear budget. Manufacturers offer these vaping tools at distinct prices depending on their functionalities. Vape pens typically are cheaper than vaporizers.

    Review as many vaporizers as possible because you are making a considerable investment. Also, understand what previous users are saying about a particular firm’s product.

    The vaporizer should be sturdy.

    It should be easy to use. Understand the different parts of the vape pen and know the level of user-friendliness. Read the instruction manual that comes with it to reduce learning time.

    Change the chamber as often as possible. Your thickener could stick on its sides, which could ruin the flavor of the e juice


Learn to preserve your THC vape juice correctly and learn how to add thickener terpenes. Purchase airtight containers to keep oxygen and other air conditions that could lessen its strength away from it. Besides that, store the vape pen appropriately.

It is also a good idea if you practice having an extra battery by your side. Such practices ensure that your vape pen is functional for a long period.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:36

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