Traditional materials used for coffins

We all want to give the best possible farewell to our loved ones

Traditional materials used for coffins

We all want to give the best possible farewell to our loved ones, and that is why it is so important to resort to a website like Buycasket, which provides eternal rest in a room with full guarantees.

In terms of shape, the coffin is always hexagonal and the lower part, which holds the legs and feet, gradually narrows until it ends up as a kind of flat tip. It has three handles on each side to handle it more comfortably.

Although they were originally built with a simple pine wood and without interior finishes, today we can find coffins made of more noble woods and with more elaborate and luxurious interior finishes.

Traditional materials used for coffins

Traditionally, coffins were only made of pine wood. They did not have any kind of accessory such as religious symbols or shooters. They were not even lined or padded inside. Today, pine wood is still a common material. However, there are other possibilities such as mahogany, cherry, walnut, mahogany or poplar.

Although they can be made of materials other than wood such as glass or metal such as aluminum, this is rare. It is the wood processed and subsequently varnished, open or semi-open, generally with interior padding the coffin model most demanded by customers.

In its origins the coffin was made exclusively of wood or even stone, over the centuries the materials in which this indispensable element of the funeral rite of burial or incineration is made have varied.

Accesories for ornamentation on caskets

Another frequent element in the design of coffins is their ornamentation, accessories or details that can be incorporated in their exterior. There are simple or more loaded. They can be religious symbols such as crosses, christs, or any other type of motif such as flowers, reliefs, ribbons, etc.. Always to the liking of the relatives of the deceased, or the wishes and indications of the deceased in life.

The most common is that they are made of the same material as the coffin itself, usually in the same wood used, providing a sense of unity. Handles are another common element. They are usually made of metallic materials.

How are caskets built?

Caskets are, so to speak, a more evolved version of the coffin. It is not hexagonal in shape, but rectangular or slightly oval. Its materials are much more luxurious, both in the exterior wood and in the interior finishes. With high-quality upholstery and fine woods.

There are also three handles on each side. And, as a novelty, the top cover is divided into two independent parts. These allow, during the funeral, the relatives and close relatives of the deceased to open only the upper part to say goodbye.

In our funeral services company we have everything so that you have the maximum comfort in those delicate moments of the farewell of a loved one. Carrying the coffin or coffin of those whom we love and whom we must let go is one of the most devastating experiences we will have to face throughout our lives.

Although there are different customs, cultures, languages and beliefs, it is also a process with which most people comply. Giving a holy burial and accompanying the coffin to the cemetery is an ancient custom.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2019, 17:20

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