Book the #Metoo-whistleblower from the inside: The landslide

Whether the #Metoo movement is now a success story, what you want to measure success or Failure, there are different assessments. That is a huge thrust effect e

Book the #Metoo-whistleblower from the inside: The landslide

Whether the #Metoo movement is now a success story, what you want to measure success or Failure, there are different assessments. That is a huge thrust effect exerted by the revelations of Harvey Weinstein in the "New York Times" and in "the New Yorker" in October 2017, is however, no doubt about it. At the same time, the Hashtag #Metoo, this goes back to a formula of the African-American activist, Tarana Burke from the 2005 linked, in the meantime, two major Debate scenes of today.

Peter Körte

editor in the Feuilleton section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

This constellation has changed the whole discursive landscape within the last few years massively. The #black live matter movement has not at last generated by the death of George Floyd in may, a resonance that extends far beyond the Americas. Statues toppled, street names changed, racism and discrimination attacks, which also led to the bizarre reaction of a white politician, a study on structural racism in the German police with the grounds to say that it could not give, because he was prohibited by law.

In all of these debates, the fever curves, rhythms and Tensions, significantly through the social media, in particular, the impression that the withdrawal battles to be fought, with different front curves, sometimes ordered, sometimes in a panic. The clues and evidence have not gained a force and Conviction that their with threatening, and appeasement gestures to avoid, because the world can be, what to see, everywhere, to hear and to read.

atmosphere of hints and insinuat ion

in addition to a Minister, for the can not be what must not be, in addition to columnists who declare themselves to be intelligent, Conservative, and ask them to leave the Church in the village of expire but also liberal intellectuals such as the 153 signatories to the "Letter on Justice and Open Debate" in "Harper's Magazine" in the defense mode. Even though very few of them had to fear being the victim of a "Cancel Culture" to be so because of unwelcome Comments from the public discourse, banished, construct the Phantom threat of a New "moral attitudes and political Engagement" weakened open discussions and tolerance. Who embodies this "forces of illiberalism", who is responsible for what and how the great Power of the unknown person responsible for the impose of speech prohibitions, it remains blurred to be unrecognizable – except for Donald Trump, no one is named.

In this atmosphere of innuendo and insinuat ions, it has a refreshing clarity, if now, after Ronan Farrow's "breakthrough. The Weinstein scandal, Trump and the consequences" – the book by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey in English appears, the two journalists of the "New York Times", which had already been published five days prior to the "New Yorker" a great investigative article about the practices of Harvey Weinstein. Cantor and Twohey not overestimate yourself, if you have any questions as to why the Weinstein affair had triggered such a landslide.

With insight, one should not confuse the

of Course, #Me Too, can ". From the first unveiling to the global movement“ (tropical type, 448 pages, 18 euros), no official answer to that, but the book shows that the time was ripe, in Hollywood, Silicon Valley or in the TV channels, not to mention other, less glamorous jobs, to a degree, to the point of no return was reached, and on the other in the media, reflect only the social trends and sentiments, demonstrate a willingness and receptivity existed, to research stories on the topic and to publish. There was a sufficient societal consensus that certain types of behaviour, each of which knew for a long time, now no longer tolerated should be.

Date Of Update: 01 August 2020, 17:20

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