Corona-crisis in France: The culture of politics is dead?

"The culture is of more value in France", their new Minister of power and full-bodied contradictions. "In the gross national product of the country," says R

Corona-crisis in France: The culture of politics is dead?

"The culture is of more value in France", their new Minister of power and full-bodied contradictions. "In the gross national product of the country," says Roselyne Bachelot, "it weighs as much as the agriculture and seven times more than the car industry." In a study of the Ministry, the loss of revenue for the year 2020 is estimated at 22.3 billion euros. More than 300,000 jobs would be in danger. The auditors of EY fear that every second company in the industry could go bankrupt. The attendance figures of cinemas to reach thirty per cent of the workload of the summer of 2019. An expert of the national research Institute CNRS has calculated the price for the failure of the summer festivals: eight-hundred million euros.

Jürg Altwegg

Freelance writer in the arts section.

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In Avignon and Arles, the peeling in the summer in Paris as a cultural capital of the country, there are neither the theatre to meet the "Rencontres" of photography. Also, the music festival in Aix-en-Provence and Orange of fall. The most popular Minister in the new Cabinet visited the disaster area in Provence. In September, she wants to organize a "General stands of the festival". In the Pope's Palace led to Roselyne Bachelot, a small miracle: they celebrated an Ecumenical summit meeting between the leaders of the official Theatre festival, directed by Olivier Py, and the important "Off"area, the "private theatre" produced.

Between the subsidised theatre and the troops without public support, a cold war still rages. The "Private" to be despised as part of the "entertainment industry". At the Avignon Festival, their importance for the local economy is estimated at 72.5 million. Amazing has awarded to Roselyne Bachelot, the troops, whose performances have been canceled in the "Off", compensation in the amount of 800,000 euros. The sum is modest, the gesture is bold. Shortly before Olivier Py in "Le Monde had claimed" the funds of the state are only for the "culturally relevant" theatre.

A strategy

The theatre have to suffer especially under the Virus. In the area of the "spectacle vivant" with his performances in front of an audience of burglary of income is seventy percent. The sector is alive of the "intermittents" who can claim between the two exposures Work pay: actors, stagehands, technicians. For all the deadlines have been extended for one year. Those who were not employed in March, has until August 2021 not too large, material Concerns. More than a hundred thousand cultural workers benefit at the end. "Whatever the cost will be," promised Macron, as he announced his Marshall plan for the culture.

all the people Emmanuel Macrons previous speechwriter Sylvain Fort complained in a comment to the "death of the culture policy". Fort, who has only recently left the Elysee, shares Bachelots passion for the Opera, he dedicated to several biographies. Long gang cultural policy was low. For years, States continue to restrict you to "protect the culture scene in front of the Mark". There are no concepts more. Each individual clientele wants to be supported. From the publishing industry to the film industry each division have calls for public assistance only for herself. Among the dozens of petitions there was not a single, an actor and singer together for the salvation of the culture, have argued. The culture has missed it, the design of the policy strategy. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the "island of blessed" (Fort) is in danger of disappearing.

The author calls for a radical redefinition: Amazon, Google, Netflix, and the French media group Vivendi "can do more for the culture than the state". A European Directive requires that American corporations to invest a portion of the sales they achieve in Europe, also here. Paris will implement, once again, as the first country. Bachelots predecessor, Franck Riester spoke of 25 per cent. Netflix & Co want to have a ratio of a maximum of sixteen percent. "The world is watching France," said a spokeswoman for the producers: "We are witnessing a historic moment."

Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 23:19