Series Sløborn on YouTube: In the virus melee will be slaughtered

in The sky military helicopter, on the ground, the Healthy and the Sick to be deported. Fictional German soldiers in protective clothing and breathing masks flo

Series Sløborn on YouTube: In the virus melee will be slaughtered

in The sky military helicopter, on the ground, the Healthy and the Sick to be deported. Fictional German soldiers in protective clothing and breathing masks floating by citizens with force of arms at the barriers, look for hidden French Resistance, overturned trash bins and scattered rubbish of the witnesses of raids. The Church, a refuge of heavily armed rebels, who have fired before the farm of young Ex-cons, has been charged regardless of child hostages. Body bags lying in the streets. In the middle of four children, to flee without anyone takes notice. The fifteen-year-old Evelin (Emily Kusche) shows symptoms of the disease. Blood runs from her nose. Her three younger brothers shoulders desperately, backpacks and sleeping mats. Escape is just over the water. Maybe to free Denmark. The German army has orders to shoot. No one is allowed to escape over the water.

in The eight-part YouTube series designed Federal government has abandoned the attempt to dominate the situation by peaceful means. A Plan there was from the beginning, only the expertise of wrangling and recriminations. The mayor was stripped of power by an inept crisis management team from Berlin. Now the war – the people's representatives against the people of Sløborn. And only the young Evelin knows what's going on really. Berlin has decided to sacrifice the island in order to prevent the spread of a novel, in nine cases out of ten the deadly bird flu virus, the "bird flu",. The girl has escaped from a Kiel, horror hospital, where your blood was experimented. Evelin could make your Video of the bloody mess and dying Doctors online. Probably you can save only your brothers and yourself.

destruction with start-up

Six a lot of patience requiring to follow a long-Sløborn", devised by Actionman and Til-Schweiger-"the scene"-specific Christian Alvart takes a "lengthy start-up (idea; book, together with Erol Yesilkaya, Henner Schulte-Holtey, Siegfried Kamml, Arend Remmers; co-directed with Adolfo Kolmerer; camera together with Christian Huck), in order to unfold life on the North sea island of Sløborn. In episode seven, and eight will then trashed mercilessly, and the disaster movie-swinging a Hammer. With staff no longer holds. Who does not die, just disappear from the field of view. Camera and staging seem to have Better things to do than to keep the threads of the narrative in Hand, and the battle of material, devote yourself to. Thus, the Bundeswehr as the destruction force does not seem all too obviously evil, reported a soldier briefly in front of (his) closing quickly from the frustrations of the command state of emergency and the lack of discipline.

"Sløborn" is a young adult series (such as "We are the wave" on Netflix), rewinds the disaster program in a known fashion, and care little to be oversized, to the end in quick succession consumed Ensemble. That on the island nothing is wrong, is a basic pattern of exposure. In the center stands a group of Adolescent, dealing with everything that sells time: bullying, theft, drugs, ball games, beach parties. At home, something always. Island police officer Mikkel (Urs Rechn) beats his son Hermann (Adrian green forest) to make him "the man". Evelins parents Helena (Annika Kuhl) and Richard (Wotan Wilke Möhring) separate, the girl herself has a relationship with the teachers of Milan (Marc Benjamin) and is pregnant. Yvonne (Linda Stockfleth) grows up in an end times sect. Fiete (Tim Bülow) and his friends have violent fathers (also seems to Sløborn to be an epidemic). Pastor Arne (Arnd Klawitter), a dogged pulpit preacher, his wife, a bookseller Merit (Laura Tonke), made it just in time for the outbreak of a Disease, the coke star author Nicholas Wagner (Alexander Scheer), broke and with write inhibition, to get to a reading in front of a large audience on the island. The Radio reports all the time of a pigeon flu, which is raging in Asia and South America, without anyone to listen. As a spirit is a yacht with two foreign bodies beaches several guys plunder the ship. And pick up the Virus on the island. What you need to know soon, because the Skipper has taken shortly before his death, a corresponding explanatory video. Ex-con Magnus (Roland Moller) has just started a rehabilitation project for young offenders, with whom he discusses extensively the meaning of life. The Mob presumed to consent to them, no Improvement, but "virus spin".

Date Of Update: 23 July 2020, 06:20

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