Swamp Dogg's return: take America back to chandeliers

Every now and then (listen up): you Can't say that at all? For the hard-of-hearing, it used to be occasionally on the Covers of exciting panels, preferably, of

Swamp Dogg's return: take America back to chandeliers

Every now and then (listen up): you Can't say that at all? For the hard-of-hearing, it used to be occasionally on the Covers of exciting panels, preferably, of the Soul. If one of the most interesting representatives of this music, namely the man who is for fifty years, Swamp Dogg, brings out once again a record, then it may be exceptionally allowed. "Sorry You Couldn't Make It," (on Joyful Noise Recordings) is, like almost everything that has made this Type, not only a life, but a vitality proof of the first rank, even if its almost eighty-year institution, the launched once the tip of the most of screams, and turned the most crushing sounds, to flatter, then again, that could also be quite different, in the meantime, something mellow is in contrast to the singer, the, mainly because his early work was already get then hard to to have a long time not on the Radar had, undoubtedly, a failure.


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F. A. Z.

in fact, Swamp Dogg, as Jerry Williams jr. Was born in 1942 in Virginia and, like Stevie Wonder, recorded, with twelve of his first songs, one of the at the same time most obscure and most influential, Yes, in fact, even the largest, or at least most prolific figures of black music, unfortunately, continues unabated, with current cue, older and newer titles will show: "God Bless America", "Call Me Nigger" or "Awful Christmas and a Lousy New Year". As well as every aspect of the work plays in society today, a role that is already with him.

An Album has been referred to as landmark

And if you wanted to bring him to a common denominator, then you could make use of for the American criticism, in time it as gonzo. Lurid, incomparable append is he from all, social-critical, such as Frank Zappa, unpredictable as the dangerous Snoop Dogg – the should have the second, militancy signaling g with him, copied from –, to humorous, such as Solomon Burke and lustful. Just about the Latter, its contemporary relevance could also harden: Because if, as he sang, too, God has granted the country its blessing, however, ("God Ain't Blessing America"), then at least Swamp could Dogg in a desolate time on the former Trump-playmate Stormy Daniels called: Make America horny again.

in any case, Swamp Dogg, still sitting on the Gonzo-Soul-founding chair, even if he wore on the occasion of his debut album "Total Destruction To Your Mind" (1970) just a mortar Board (and otherwise only underwear). This on the Los Angeles-based Label Canyon released Album was, as the Americans say, a landmark, even if it is not there even was nearly the attention as the stuff from Atlantic Records, where Swamp Dogg in the sixties more than the craft has learned or Motown.

He was also a songwriter, arranger and producer, in the almost unmanageable student char, in a sense, was a PhD, the insanely good Soul records has taken (including, if little-known singers such as Doris Duke, Sandra Phillips and Charlie Whitehead alias Raw Spit), in the middle of it, a spider in a web of Black Music, and yet he remained an outsider. He himself was not quite innocent, because at the time, with a leading Label of Elektra Records, on the second Swamp-Dogg-came out the plate, let him then fall back. To bluntly he was here, the joys, Yes, the necessity of promiscuity sung about ("sure to take any feedback # 2"), too little state had been carrying his reinterpretation of Irving Berlin's "God Bless America", to be pessimistic about his complaint about the injustice to minorities ("Remember I Said Tomorrow"), all of this is delivered in a playful mood, full of juice and power. In that time, he was very well-connected. On guitar is the fabulous blood boy Jesse Carr was sitting most of the time, the organ-Paul Hornsby, that produced at the time the plates of the recently deceased Charlie Daniels.

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