Symphony orchestra of Hamburg: The destruction of the earth

When it comes to new ways of mediation of music, regularly drops the Name of Gustav Mahler. Already on the threshold of the twentieth century standing, he perso

Symphony orchestra of Hamburg: The destruction of the earth

When it comes to new ways of mediation of music, regularly drops the Name of Gustav Mahler. Already on the threshold of the twentieth century standing, he personified the romantic image of the composer, of the connection of art and life, unconditionally, if not self-destructive practice. His music reflects these struggles – an artist's destiny as a picture book. As a suitable Medium for its presentation of the Film was always been. The series of the approximations to the figure of the Artist Mahler begins in 1974 with the pictures of rich work of Ken Russell. A remarkable new approach in 2011 with the documentary film, "Of Love, Death and Beyond" of the American film-maker Jason Starr, in the Mahler, history of the Second Symphony of life with the emergence of linked is.

In the current Trying to compensate for closures of the concert halls online, there are now Mahler's music, and thoughts of the world again in the center. A month ago, the Concertgebouw orchestra has presented in Amsterdam in the form of presentation and depth of Reflection exemplary network version of your long-planned Mahler festival, in its context, Starr's 2014 feature Film "Everywhere and Forever" on Mahler's "song of the earth" was shown.

The Larghetto from oboe Concerto by Cimarosa

This soloist's late work for two vocal and orchestra on ancient Chinese by Hans Bethge, German-transmitted poems is currently in the center of a seven-day sequence of network presentations by the Symphony orchestra of Hamburg under your boss Sylvain Cambreling. The Transfers take place every day at 19 o'clock and ends next Sunday with a Total performance of the work; the circumstances will be played half in place of the original orchestra, the ensemble version by Arnold Schoenberg and Rainer Riehn, for sixteen musicians. On two evenings, one could get an insight into the for a Symphony orchestra, a quite unusual project. The title "The dear earth everywhere" suggests that, similar to the one of the film of Rigid, to the World, Transcendent, in Mahler's musical Vision.

a unique Experiment was Announced. New worlds should be created, which have been allegedly detected neither in the culture nor in the image theory concept well. An in-depth discussion of these possibilities in connection with classical music take place here probably in the world for the first Time, it said, quoting the keyword "Artificial intelligence". These are high ambitions.

But the first impression, unfortunately, with mixed feelings. With regard to the technical-performative side, the presentation is generally below the current Standards. Until immediately before the start of the Transmission rang out from the Off to set the mood even dvořák followed in Ninth, and then, only short by a text panel, the first piece of the program, the Larghetto from oboe Concerto by Cimarosa announced. In the further course of an anonymous apparatus of the piece of music added behind the piece of music. Such a database mechanism as in the case of the night TV series, with constantly, joined a dozen crime novels are not particularly inviting to a shared artistic reflection.

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work in terms of Content, the selected works and components of the Work revolved around the "drinking song from the Jammer of the earth", the first movement of Mahler's song of the earth. Musically, there was a serious tone of voice, a constant companion in the program, the Memento mori was. The visual accompaniment for the rendition of the gloomy "Six pieces for orchestra" by Anton Webern, the funeral music of Paul Hindemith, and Maurice Ravel's "La Valse" in the version for two pianos was the representation of the decay processes. The video artist Aron Kitzig had created to slow-motion moving images: crumbling tombs and people in a similar way, the change by Morphing their shape and slowly dissolve, louder and louder beautiful Corona fantasies.

Date Of Update: 25 June 2020, 16:20

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