Trump's speech: campaign for the obliteration of our history

The American President Donald Trump has used a speech on the independence day of the United States for a gritty, polarizing message. It was a "merciless campai

Trump's speech: campaign for the obliteration of our history

The American President Donald Trump has used a speech on the independence day of the United States for a gritty, polarizing message. It was a "merciless campaign to eradicate our history" is in progress, said Trump on Friday evening (local time). Before the new Coronavirus infection, in Spite of Trump took part in the event in front of an impressive backdrop – prior to that, he was the President's plane, Air Force One, on the venue to fly. On the stage of the monumental national monument to Mount Rushmore: the mountain rock with the carved heads of four former presidents throned. Several Thousand people came to the information of the Governor from all Parts of the country to South Dakota, where the evening ended with fireworks.

The independence day on 4. July this year under the impact of the escalating Corona pandemic, and the country-wide protests against racism and police violence after the death of the African-American George Floyd. Although America broke in the past few days, several times in a row, your own dramatic records in the number of new infections within 24 hours, allowed to Trump the crisis largely ignored. The protests have reignited a debate over the cultural memory of the country, which provided him with the material for the speech were.

Trumps accusations against participants in the protests are not new. At Mount Rushmore he let go of you but in a concentrated Form. In several cities had been overthrown in protests statues, historical persons, which are associated with racism. The Democrats want to ban from the Congress controversial statues. Also claims to the renaming of some of the military bases according to the recall leader of the Confederate States in the American civil war were. Trump defends himself against all of this, before the larger-than-life portrait heads of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

the mood of the election campaign events

The mood at the event to kick off the celebrations for independence day on 4. July was like a election campaign event for the President. Between shouts of "We love you, President Trump" were heard. And his speech seemed to be carefully designed. From America a place of "oppression, domination and exclusion should be made". "They want to Silence us, but let us not be Silenced," said Trump. He'll kick against it for the heritage of the country, the enforcement of laws and the law on weapons possession.

The Republicans want to compete in the election in four months for a second term, and he is under pressure. According to opinion polls, the designated presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden, in the lead.

In the case of the surveys, however, caution should be exercised as the election of 2016 showed. But Trump is not only a criticism because of his handling of the Corona-crisis the subject of his attention is on the economy. After the death of Floyd Trump was accused of not clearly positioning themselves against racism and to not show enough understanding for the anger about discrimination and injustice in the country. The understanding for peaceful protests, according to surveys high.

The protests will also be part of this year's independence day: Saturday, several demonstration trains have been announced in the capital, Washington. In the evening (18 clock local time/0 hrs CEST) will Trump in the White house a further speech, to the 4. July keep. Following the festivities on the National Mall to begin a Promenade, between the Parliament building and the Lincoln Memorial, the climax of a fireworks display in the evening. Mayor Muriel Bowser had complained that the celebrations were in the middle of the Corona pandemic in contradiction to the guidelines of the health expert.

Date Of Update: 04 July 2020, 15:19

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