Eurovision Song Contest 2023 already has its own identity: the hearts of the United Kingdom and Ukraine

Eurovision 2023 already has its own identity

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 already has its own identity: the hearts of the United Kingdom and Ukraine

Eurovision 2023 already has its own identity. Its most distinctive brands, the slogan "United by music" and the image of millions of hearts linked in a kind of colorful spinning top, were unveiled this Tuesday 31st at a couple of events in the host city, Liverpool. They were the starting signal for the new edition of the extremely popular musical event, which this year comes to the capital of Merseyside, in the west of England.

The final verdict will be decided on May 13, after a series of national contests among more than fifty participants. Both the final and the two semifinals will be staged in the Arena, the large pavilion built on the docks where the Beatles were born.

Liverpool competed with Glasgow and other British cities to host this great world hook show, which should be held in the Ukraine. Approaching its first year of relentless destruction of life and property, Russia's war of aggression forced a change of script and realignment of Eurovision tradition.

The winning country tends to organize the next edition, but Ukraine gave the opportunity to the United Kingdom when its bid - the hip hop and folk band, Kalush Orchestra - claimed victory in 2022. Their immediate successors, the electro duo Tvorchi, with the song Heart of Steel, were among the first confirmed nominations this year.

The 2023 slogan emphasizes the "incredible power of music to link communities" and also reflects the roots of the contest as a platform that "unites Europe through a shared television experience in different countries", according to the organizers.

The hearts have been designed in the colors of the national flags of Ukraine and the United Kingdom: yellow, blue and red, predominantly. On the other hand, the inspiration for the visual image came from research data suggesting that when people listen to live music, their "hearts synchronize to beat in unison."

Liverpool took official command of the event this end of January. The Turin mayor's office, the host venue in 2022, will hand over to Mayor Joanne Anderson the "keys" to the Eurovision ceremony, thus passing the baton to English patrons. The event will be held at St George Hall and will be broadcast live on the BBC and other digital channels, as well as on the Eurovision website.

During the broadcast, draws will be held to choose the featured artists from among 67 contesting countries who will enter the semifinals. Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom have secured their turns in the final in return for their monetary contribution to the cost of the European blockbuster.

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