Why Your Business Should Help Communities in Need

Running a business can be hard, but using the resources and experience you’ve gained to help others can reap greater benefits for everyone involved

Why Your Business Should Help Communities in Need

There are plenty of reasons why your business should help communities in need, whether it happens to be in your local community or one in another country or state. Giving back can be immensely rewarding, especially when your hard efforts are making a big difference.

Getting your business name involved in activities like this can inspire your customers and your suppliers to take a closer look at the cause that you hold dear and can even be seen as a way to reach like-minded individuals who could help further.

#1 Help reduce poverty

With so many people in dire need who are living in poverty in the world today, you could choose to step up and give some help where it’s really needed the most. You may think that this is a very tall order, and you would be right, yet there are those like Mike Savage, CEO of 1-800Accountancy, who have stepped up to the plate and are proving it can be done.

“Any bit of assistance we can provide makes all the difference to some families,” says Savage in New Canaan, and he isn’t wrong. Mike Savage has started his own foundation called Savage Rivera to help those living in poverty in Honduras. Frequently sending boxes of donated clothes, toys, books, and household items to families in need has already started to make a difference.

If this idea appeals to you but you would like to look a little closer to home, then with so many homeless people in our society today, possibly more than you realize, you could start here. Providing blankets, food, toiletries, and clothing, or taking it one step further and helping them to find shelter from extreme weather conditions would certainly be a worthy cause. Here, research is key, so you need to look at which charities operate around you to find one that strikes a chord and motivates you to help.

#2 Give support to local startups

Of course, there are many different levels to the help that you and your business can provide to others, and it isn’t always all about the individuals. Helping local business startups can boost employment in your area and provide additional economic growth and benefits that your whole community can enjoy.

Starting a business is a big step; it can take a lot of funding and involves a steep learning curve for those involved, which is why so many new businesses fail. Having a large established business to provide support and guidance could be crucial to the survival of a small local business, and, at the same time, could provide strong roots and bonds within a growing community that could do with a more stable infrastructure.

The support that you offer could be in the form of regular meetings to help and provide advice on business targets or simply acting as a mentor from the very early days of the business coming together. You may want to offer the chance to share your company building so that a fledgling business has the space to start up and expand. This also means that you could offer them the chance to use some of your hardware or software as well, which is always very expensive for any startup.

Subletting part of your office or warehouse would reduce the costs a small startup would otherwise have to pay, which means that further investment into the business would be possible. Of course, subletting part of your office or warehouse will also be handy for reducing your costs as well. The additional upside here is that your specialists and your personal knowledge will be close at hand should the startup require additional help at any time.

#3 Sponsor schools and youth clubs

If you feel that you would like to get involved more with your community than with the businesses starting up there, you have the opportunity to get involved with local schools, youth clubs, and colleges. Sponsoring any of these could see your business helping with supplying uniforms, drumming up support for educational trips, providing much-needed equipment, or sponsoring fundraising events.

Having your business associated with these establishments that are already rooted within your community, although in need of ongoing support, will place your company name within the hearts of everyone who holds it dear. As well as your business providing sponsorship, it will also bring some much-needed attention to the school, college, or youth club.

If a collaboration like this proves to be successful, then you could always extend things even further by offering paid internships or holiday work for students to gain some much-needed experience and, of course, their first wage.

#4 Promote sports teams and host tournaments

Likewise, you could also promote and sponsor the local sports teams in your area. Many small-time sports clubs are notoriously short of cash, so they need help in several different areas with the smooth day-to-day running of their team.

Providing them with transport so they can play away tournaments, better their skills, and progress within the leagues and competitions that they play in. Of course, you’ll also be able to sponsor and promote home games so parents and families can watch the teams play and maybe, over time, sit in a bit more comfort and purchase refreshments.

Getting your business involved will encourage other businesses in the area to roll their sleeves up as well. This can lead to them pushing the boundaries and improving the events and facilities even further for those taking part and those looking on.

So, to wrap it all up

There are many different reasons why you should consider helping communities in need, whether they’re abroad or on your doorstep. One business getting involved will inspire other businesses to get involved, and will, in turn, bring more attention to the cause you’re supporting. Inevitably, getting much-needed help to those that need it the most.

It could be a case of sending donations of clothing, blankets, and household items like the ones that Mike Savage sends to Honduras, or it could be in the form of helping a school by getting them the right equipment to improve the children’s education.