7 Common Causes of Injuries in Schools

Schools should be a safe environment for your children to learn and grow. However, some schools do not live up to this expectation

7 Common Causes of Injuries in Schools

Schools should be a safe environment for your children to learn and grow. However, some schools do not live up to this expectation. From injuries caused by negligence to intentional harm, schools today are awash with security threats that can easily be prevented. Many parents aren't sure when they can or should seek legal action against a negligent school. Below are a few common injuries children can suffer while at school.

Common Causes of Injuries in Schools? 

1. Playground Injuries

A high percentage of injuries children suffer at school occurs on the playground. While some of these accidents are unavoidable, others happen due to poor maintenance or negligence on the school’s part. You could bring a civil action on the school for injuries that occurred due to lack of adult supervision or any other negligent causes. 

2. Slip and Fall

Another common cause of injuries in school is slip and fall accidents. They may result from missing handrails, excess snow and ice on sidewalks, damaged bleachers, or even slippery gym floors. 

3. Sports Injuries

Some sports can be dangerous and may cause injuries, the school should offer all possible options to prevent such injuries. Measures such as adult supervision, quality equipment, and adequate coaching should be put in place to keep children safe.

4. Fights 

Children sometimes fight whenever a slight misunderstanding sparks off into a heated argument. As such, they may end up harming each other in the process.

5. Bullies

In both public and private schools, children are often victims of bullying. Physical bullying can be so intense as to cause severe emotional trauma to the affected children.

6. School Bus Accidents

Vehicular accidents can happen when you least expect them to, some can be attributed to the driver’s negligence and some the school’s avoidance of maintaining the school bus. In this case, the school is liable for the injuries sustained during the accident.

7. Toxins Exposure

Some schools may have asbestos and lead materials in older buildings, exposing children to toxic substances. This is a case of negligence from the school and can be a ground to sue for personal injury.

What Next after a School Injury

1. Gather Relevant Evidence

To build up a robust and foolproof case, you need plenty of relevant evidence. This could be in CCTV footage, photographs, witness testimony, and medical reports. Without evidence, it is easy for the school to absolve themselves of any blame and claim innocence of the liability you accuse them.

2. File a Lawsuit as Soon as Possible

When filing a lawsuit, it is wise to do so as soon as possible after the injury. Delays can only work against your claim, and you’ll need to adhere to the statute of limitations.

3. Seek Legal Advice

Many Personal Injury Lawyers agree battling a school with a lawsuit by yourself is never a great idea. Many school districts have access to powerful legal support to deal with lawsuits brought against them. Find help by retaining the services of a dedicated personal injury lawyer familiar with similar cases.

Look Out for Your Child

Sending your child to school is difficult when they are young. And even then, it is hard not to worry about their welfare while away from home. If you notice any signs of injuries on your child, take immediate action by consulting an experienced attorney.

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