Andy Chango: "My biggest asset is my liver"

After the good reception of the show The man anything in the Theater District -extended on two occasions, he went on a tour by Argentina and Spain. Now the work

Andy Chango:

After the good reception of the show The man anything in the Theater District -extended on two occasions, he went on a tour by Argentina and Spain. Now the work and with it Andy Chango have returned to Madrid, this time in the Theaters Luchana. The argentine artist, parapetado after his electronic organ, he laughs at almost everything: their origins, Alzheimer's disease, God, impotence, paternity, immigration, the monarchy, the alcohol, psychiatric illness, the rock, the loitering and the pathos of human in general. So to end all the evils of the world.

What is your first memory?Be swimming among millions of sperm to reach the egg mom.What is the image used as a background of the mobile screen?I never saw the bottom of the screen. I always see the front part.What superpower would you have?Be quiet.What trait irritates you more?To me, none. My friends and relatives could write an encyclopedia.What trait sets you off more than other people?The words.What is your greatest fear?To become sane.What is the most embarrassing moment that has ever lived?Three or four unwanted pregnancies in the early youth. In my day sex education did not exist.What do you like least about your appearance?I never look in the mirror. As Borges used to say, the mirrors, like the copula, are abhorrent (or abominable, I don't remember well) because multiply people.What is the most expensive thing he has bought, other than your home?What house?What is your usual less confesable?I have a lot of. But if he does not confess until now it would be stupid to publish them in a newspaper.What is your favourite smell?Lately when eating seafood I don't wash my hands well when I go to sleep I think I had sex.When was the last time you cried?When he died, Jerry Gonzalez.What book changed his life? All that I read between 12 and 17 years.What is the worst thing that you have said?I had to blow for the breath test.What is your most valuable asset?My liver.What is the first wish of your list?Be quiet.What is your biggest guilty pleasure?The tobacco.What you owe to your parents?No I got the account, but must be above 200,000 euros.What has been your biggest disappointment?When in a Vineyard, Rock, 20 years ago, I fell to the public -as he had seen Peter Gabriel in Argentina - and I estampé against the ground.Who would you like to ask for forgiveness and why?To God, because it does not exist.What wakes you up at night?All: a cricket, a fly, the argentinean friends drunk that are not covered by the time zone difference, a bad dream, the rain, the cold, the heat, the urge to pee (twice a night) and me.How do you live love?I don't know, ask him.Who to invite to the dinner of your dreams?Morpheus.What word or catchphrase you use most frequently?I didn't go.What is the worst job that you have done?Work.What would help you improve your level of life?Be quiet.What is the moment has been closer to death?Watching Harry Potter 7.How do you usually relax?Taking Clonazepam.How often do you practice sex?From time to time, as any archbishop.What song would you like it to sound like at his funeral?It gives Me the same. ¡¡¡If it's not going to be able to listen!!!What is the biggest lesson it has taught him life?No. In these 48 years I have not attended nor to a single class. Where would you like to be in this moment?In theaters Luchana, with the room full, and to interpret The Man, Nothing.
Updated Date: 26 October 2018, 03:28

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