Enrique Dans: "Driving is going to stop being a human activity,"

In these uncertain times of toothless in technology, this professor of Innovation, IE Business School has a motto: "Let it be digital, digitize your life". En

Enrique Dans:

In these uncertain times of toothless in technology, this professor of Innovation, IE Business School has a motto: "Let it be digital, digitize your life". Enrique Dans, the Internet guru, participates in conferences DS Bold, organized by DS Aumobiles, and speaks without filters.

You dedicate yourself to the technology thanks to which your father played the lottery.Yes, I was studying Biology. My father had a couple of tenths, and touched him the second prize. A lot of people plays the lottery and then has a life quite miserable. My father was allowed a few quirks: they changed the car and my mother brought him a robot of kitchen that will almost make you take home. And what about you, what you gave?I was 19 years old and wanted a car. I bought a computer in the year eighty, and so many. No one had it. It was something very alien. My classmates delivered the work manuscripts and, as much, to machine and I appeared with the mine, with fonts, footers,... The teacher flipaba and I got better nota.De kid, did you were a geek?Yes. It was very repellent. I would research, read a lot and was an encyclopedia. Had an uncle that had me cross for being so repellent. In this time of uncertainty, tell me with some certainty.I like to say that things open are better than closed, and that the technology cannot be desinventar. Confess: what predictions you've successful and which have failed. The issue is not a hit or miss but understand what they go through things. For example, I anticipated some business models on the music. It was clear that the disks were going to die. Or, for example, my doctoral thesis was about the end of the paper and the break of this support to the screen. If in the year 96 and it said that the newspapers were going to run down to the point you have made, you looked on with face rare. How much time do you give him then to the paper?It is not the end, but it will be reduced to uses residual. There are people who have the habit of reading on paper. There are processes of substitution abrupt, but it is to know what happens to be the essence of the business.Technological revolution: or we adapt or disappear out. What that is the question?We have built a system, the capitalist, in which things are measured by economic efficiency. If the autonomous vehicle costs 70% less than the same ride with a taxi driver, there will not be anyone who can hold a service with people. If you don't adapt, you disappear. Every revolution carries low, who would be the dead bodies of the current: the taxi drivers, journalists...?No, the journalist, in general, adapts and understands that the essence of their work is not linked to the medium used. We are not known for the tool that we use, but by what we do. As for the taxi driver, driver possibly will cease to be a human activity.In how many years?In large cities it is very possible that in two or three years. So how soon?In Phoenix (Arizona) there are already a lot of vehicles, autonomous driving and have a license to begin transporting people.However, there have been accidents.It's a lot more secure. What happens is that Uber launched a vehicle that still had much to progress. Already, but a lot of people like to drive. They're not going to ban you, but you'll end up driving on a circuit or you'll need to have enough money to insure the car. In fact, driving should not be a human activity when there is a set of sensors that can see in 360 degrees, which have reflexes much faster than any human. Driving causes many deaths per year. We should go thinking that this activity is best developed by a machine. Uber and Cabify against taxis, Airbnb against the hotels... what is free market or unfair competition?It is the search to ignore certain rules that no longer make sense. The rules are not immutable. Why do I need a license to carry people? Many years ago, if not implantabas a license system, everyone could be a taxi driver. Today, this system is not necessary because you already have applications that self-regulating market. The best thing for users is that it does not have a licensing system, but more competition. In the cities in which Uber and Cabify have less limitations, one moves better. But the real enemy of the taxi drivers are not Uber and Cabify, but the autonomous car. You champion for radical reforms in the companies, how to what? You can't change without breaking things. You can't aspire to a company to do digital if you do not turn the paper into something hugely uncomfortable. For example, you have to remove in or out of the copiers, or tell the world that your table has to be empty every day and if you want paper you have to carry with them. If you want to change the way in which you are working in a company and you have the opportunity to do it to coincide with a change of venue, it becomes a highly potent symbol. What the vast majority of Spanish managers are inmovilistas?We have become inmovilistas. For example, the head of technology will we judge that the system will not fall. And becomes against motionless concepts. Any change is an enemy of stability. Without meaning to, we're making inmovilistas. Not stimulate the risk. There are a few companies that reward the do experiments, test things...Holding that a company can only be considered innovative if you are designing business models that destroy their market. Looks like a suicide.Yes, but if you do not do you, others will. You have to hack your own model. People talk about hackers as if they were thieves or criminals, and it is not true. A hacker is a person who has a concern enormous for a topic, it becomes a real expert and looks for ways to make progress. What is to hack a business model? Make sure that you're going to do before others. Now that you're in the spotlight, are you still defending Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook?Yes. It is necessary to have people that leads to change. What happens is that Zuckerberg does not control his creation. He has invented something that is so strong and causes so many changes that he himself is not aware of. On the one hand, errs on the side of naivety in some subjects, and, on the other, of a certain irresponsibility. It is very difficult to act in an environment that moves so fast.He has created a monster that now can't control.The change paves the way thanks to this type of disruptions. After, we'll have time to go correcting and straightening the shot. After the scandal of Facebook, what can we do to protect our data?We have to be more aware of the data that we deliver. Even the best have to have a percentage of people who stop using Facebook to send a signal to the company. What social networks are the new opium of the people?You give a form of leisure and connection. I think that there is a lot of myth. For example, there are older people who are involved in your home and that social networks allow them to know what they do with their grandchildren. There is No replacement. If someone has a lot of life in the social networks, almost always is because they also have out of them.How Twitter has become a network toxic?It is a network in which certain behaviors does not include a brake. Its founders are obsessed with the freedom of expression. That is fine until that freedom is used to violate the freedoms of another person, or in order to intimidate the other. Freedoms are never absolute and always there to give them rules. Twitter ignored that. You also have been subjected to harassment on the network, how is combat?Yes, an account was created that seemed to be very witty. One day I told her that I had my house full of friends of my daughter doing a party and hinted that if I would not know what nonsense... people laughed, thank you, and, in the end, it became a harassment. Speaking of addiction to mobile phones, to the series... are we banalizando the term? It's like saying that I have addiction to the street because I go out a lot. The mobile is a very powerful tool that allows you to do many things.But is there the addiction to the phone?No. There are problems arising from the education. Before, when a child, he loved to play with a toy truck and came to the table to dine, not dejabas to play with him. The education is based on the constraint. Today, however, when the child gives the tin in a restaurant, you give the phone as if it was the button to turn off. And it is not for that. You have to do to see that when you are eating, you have to be eating. But that is more difficult because it involves educating.What advice would you give to parents to pass on to their children a correct use of the technology?As soon as possible to test the technology, the better. Let him experiment with it, but you have to be aware of what your child on the computer. When relaxed it for the first time to a child to play in the street, we had explained the red and green of traffic lights, the sidewalk... you Must accompany your child and take an interest in what the heck are you doing, what to look for and what you found. If you are looking for puppies, you'll have to worry about not find the stance of the puppy. Today, we live in a society that is less naive. The key is to change the education. It is completely absurd to ban mobile phones in school because they can be a brutal tool for education. For that you have to change how we teach. For me, the important thing is to integrate the technology. But if they bring the phone to class, wouldn't you be all day distracted?Yes, and part of the education would be that if they are distracted, and do not endorse and will have a problem. It will teach them that the mobile is for a few things at a time, and for others, not. They have to learn to manage interruptions in any way. That's part of the learning. THE LAST QUESTION. Are there not too many gurus in the Internet?I can't guarantee that I am the most knowledgeable of a topic, but the one that has made more effort to learn. Attempt to read more than anyone else. I doubt that you'll find someone who read more than I do and that is to strive to write every day. If I don't get the duties of writing daily, I need the pressure to read. I have very clear my job of teacher. What is a teacher? A guy that he is released to do work so that you can focus more in studying them. I don't want to get into a class and the students find that his teacher is less in the day than they are.

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