Growing the consumption of tobacco and cannabis

The use of cannabis has increased by 2% in the past two years and has promoted also a 3% tobacco on the contrary, it stagnates the consumption of other lega

Growing the consumption of tobacco and cannabis

The use of cannabis has increased by 2% in the past two years and has promoted also a 3% tobacco

on the contrary, it stagnates the consumption of other legal and illegal drugs

The war against tobacco is underwater

daily consumption of tobacco has increased in the last year in Spain, thus ending the trend of stagnation and decline that had occurred in the last few years. According to the 'TWELFTH Survey on Alcohol and other Drugs in Spain (AGES) 2017/2018', prepared by the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs, the 34% of spaniards aged between 15 and 64 years old, has smoked daily in the past 30 days; in the year 2015, 30% acknowledged having smoked in the last month.

One fact that attracts attention is that the current number (34%) is higher than it was in 2005 and even in 1999. That is to say, prior to the adoption of the law anti-smoking. In 2005, 32.8% of Spanish consumed cigarettes daily in the past 30 days and in 1999 the same consumption belonged to the 33.6 per cent of the population.

With respect to the cigars consumed in the last year, we also observe a slight growth: the 40.9% of the spaniards has smoked in the last 12 months, and in the year 2015 made 40.2%. The survey, which is conducted every two years since 1995 -whose sample corresponds to the population between 15 and 64 years of age - has been presented this morning at the Ministry of Health MªLuisa Carcedo, Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, and Lily Marti, delegate of the Government for the National Plan On Drugs.

Cardedo concerns have been voiced by these data and has expressed the intention of studying the regulation of new devices and to check that the law is fulfilled in full. Above all, to "preserve the health of passive smoking and for young people to not start smoking. It is important to make a greater effort to comply with the law," he said.

Also, has declared his intention to work with other agencies such as INJUVE to apply the necessary measures to stop this rise in consumption and also reminded that Spain is working together with the EU to apply and study more effective measures. She has not wanted to give "concrete data" on the measures that are being studied but has not responded to the question of whether to prohibit, finally, smoking inside vehicles when children are present.

Rises the consumption of cannabis

According to the data of this survey, the consumption of cannabis has also grown in recent years, ranking as the most commonly used illicit drug, especially among the young population. The 11% of spaniards have smoked cannabis in the last year, whereas in 2015 what did the 9.5% of the population. It has also increased the percentage of people who acknowledge having ever tried in your life: in the year 2015, 31.5% said to have done, but now the figure has risen to stand at 35.2%.

the profile of The consumer of cannabis is primarily male (71%), with a mean age of 34.3 years, smoking an average of 2.7 joints a day and that you eat, also, other substances, minimum of three. Of the people who use this illegal drug, 48.3% do so in the form of marijuana and 21.9% as hashish. Almost 30% mix to the consumption of both substances.

stagnant consumption of other drugs

unlike cannabis and tobacco, the consumption of other drugs, both legal and illegal, has stabilized. The data reflects that 75% have used it in the last year, a 62.7% in the last month, and 7.4% do so daily. It should be noted that this last figure of 7.4% is the lowest of all the surveys that have been conducted since 1995. The three alcoholic beverages most consumed beer (48%), wine (26%) and drinks (by 17.4%). The three reasons the majority of alcohol consumption are primarily to encourage the parties (19%), because "likes" (13.7 per cent) and because it is healthy (4.6 per cent).

With regard to the consumption of hipnosedantes (with or without a prescription), 20.8% of the population has tried at some time in their life, 11% have used it in the last year (12% in 2015), 7.5% took them in the last month and almost 6%, on a daily basis. The average profile of the consumer is a woman, and with an average age of 47,5 years and the key reason is anxiety, depression or insomnia. 1.3% of the population has consumed hipnosedantes without a prescription.


For the first time in this survey has studied the use and consumption of opioid analgesics. The data show that 14.5% of the population have taken this drug at some time in their life, 6.7% in the last year, and almost 3% in the last month. The majority of consumers (95%) obtained this substance with a prescription and more than half did so for acute pain (65%). Women are more consumers than men.

The consumption of cocaine stood at 2.2% in the last year and a 1.1% in the last month. The use of other drugs, such as heroin, ecstasy, amphetamines, hallucinogens and inhaled voltátiles is maintained below 1%. Finally, and in reference to the new psychoactive substances (NSP), the figures indicate that 1.1% of the population has ever tried.

Doing a final count, the four substances (legal and illegal) most widely used are alcohol, tobacco, hipnosedantes and cannabis.

The compulsive use of the internet

With regard to the consumption of the internet among the population aged 15 to 64 years, the data reflect that 906.000 people have made a compulsive use of the internet in the last year, with higher consumption among young people 15 to 24 years (9.5 per cent), that is to say, almost 10% of the young population uses the internet compulsively. You are still the age group between 25-34 years (3.9%), among 35-44 years (1.7 per cent), between 45-54 years (1.3%) and finally the strip of 55-64 years (0,5).

For the first time, this survey is performed since the year 1995, collects data on money bets, outside and inside the virtual world. In the year 2017, 59% of the population has played with money face-to-face in the last year, a greater proportion of men than women and this type of game is directly related to age. That is to say, the higher the age, higher consumption of game money face-to-face. The games are more usual in this sense are: lotteries (94%), instant lotteries (22.1%) and betting games football and/or quinigol (by 16.4%).

With respect to the game with online money, 3.5% of the population has gambled with money online in the last year. The profile of these players correspond, on the contrary that in the previous profile, with a young men of ages aged 25 to 34 years. The game most practiced are sports betting.

finally, and in regard to the measures to be taken to stabilize or reduce the consumption of drugs and addictions, the population considers education important in schools (90%), advertising campaigns (83,6%) and the police control and customs (83%).

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 15 December 2018, 08:00

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