Jorge Illegal: "We deserve the 'Gag law' by not having offended enough"

Jorge Illegal. Aviles, 1955. The founder of Illegals living in a time of unexpected fullness after years driving on secondary roads: concerts filled with audien

Jorge Illegal:

Jorge Illegal. Aviles, 1955. The founder of Illegals living in a time of unexpected fullness after years driving on secondary roads: concerts filled with audience and energy. Their new album is called 'Rebellion'.

Q. How is it with the world, and we have lives conventional? The people who work in offices, we go to super Saturday, that kind of stuff...

A. What I understand, how I'm not going to understand. To me, the routine I'd be crushed, but I know that there are people who would be crushed in the insecurity that is my life. Eye: I work a lot. Today I got up at seven, and I haven't stopped. If you are lazy don't put the rock ' n ' roll.

Q. Do you Have around you dear people who take lives boring?

A. yes. My two sisters, my brother, are well. One is official, the other is a psychologist...And many friends, also and as well. They are comfortable. Perhaps this is the danger: the comfort is a drug that makes life less worth living. In contrast, the dissatisfaction made possible the culture, led us to the North Pole and launch us to the stars.

Q. But surely there have been moments of thinking 'Oh, George, why don't I searched for a opposition sencillita in Oviedo?'.

A. I would feel terrible for that. I need other things. It has always been the same. Look at a child, I wanted a Gibson and a Fender; now I have about 60 guitars wonderful, but the dissatisfaction is still there. Dissatisfaction is the engine that moves us to a few individuals who do not go out at all abridged by that knife that is education.

Q. I Understand that you went wrong in the school.

A. I have been in countless schools.

Q. Do You cast a lot?

A. To times. Other times I was going because my father would change his destiny. I've been in schools militarized, in the colleges of priests... I was Never really accepted until the very end. In the last place in which I was I began to receive some encouragement. And in college I had a student very bright. When I stopped Right took it quite well. But at that point he had already absorbed what they served me, and had my very clear direction, outside. The education is good, you integrates and makes you an individual's valid, but be careful with fit too.

Q. Can You be a good musician and to be a zote ignorant?

A. it Is even usual. There are people who are born crippled, mentally crippled. What we're going to do.

P. García-Alix said that Spain is the country most prohibitionist of Europe.

R. Is right.All of these prohibidores vocational, where they have gone? Because it is not only the Gag law. Look, the Gag law we deserve for not having been sufficiently offenders, for not being offended enough.

P. it Is supposed that Spain was a country of jokers where people relativizaba.

A. That ended in the 80's, when it began to curdle a hedonistic vision, a letting go and not fight. That was to kill ourselves.

Q. Many prohibicionismos are directed to the late noble and they put us in a moral dilemma.

A. I, more than moral, he would speak of morality. This we have already lived, I am reminded of the hippies. Although the bad were not the hippies, but the hippiosos, that became a people, frankly, dogmatic. Dogmatic, well-meaning, buenrollista... it Was a supposed left-prohibitionist, and that he loved the concert of Miguel Rivers in the era messianic, I agree.

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