Paz Vega: "I am ashamed of the case ERE. How have you been able to be so many years stealing?"

Ona Carbonell, the pupil of the Can Roca wins the final most barbaric of MasterChef Celebrity Ona Carbonell: "I became very mad with the kitchen. He dreame

Paz Vega:

Ona Carbonell, the pupil of the Can Roca wins the final most barbaric of MasterChef Celebrity

Ona Carbonell: "I became very mad with the kitchen. He dreamed of steaks and bechamel"

Paz Vega. Seville, 1976. After his success on MasterChef, the actress is involved now in the skin of a journalist that investigates the trafficking of women in Rambo 5 with Stallone. Prior to joining this shoot, he passed briefly by his native city, where he received an award at the European Film Festival (SEFF).

What is more difficult: shooting sex scenes in front of the camera or cooking on MasterChef?Phew. Well, look, cook in MasterChef, yes. The other thing is a moment, what you are doing, and already is, but to cook a day after the other, without knowing what will come, with the pressure of the clock, the nerves... it Is much more hard of MasterChef.There are times when as ye went really bad.I don't know what makes people Shine [the producer of the television program MasterChef], which makes it very well obviously, but they put us to the limit. We are with all the emotions to the surface of skin and at any time, you get angry, you're in frustration... we have been there we are not chefs, but we take it very seriously. We all have to show ego, and we want to do it very well, not only by being better than the companion, but to prove it to your family, to your children and to yourself.There was a program that moved a lot, cried, got frustrated and did not want their children to be able to see it as well.What I wanted is you to see me cry. It was just the opposite of what I wanted to project.Was very real and authentic.Because it is. There are no scripts, but they just have a script or a rundown, but we were put on an apron and don't know what you're going to do. It is so real that at times you feel useless or you get angry, but I also have to say that it has been an experience more beautiful and rewarding that I have ever had in my life, that's precisely why, being so naked. Then, yes that is a naked, not filming a sex scene, where everything is souped-up.What assesses when deciding whether to choose or not a character?First, I have to catch the script and then my character. I try not to repeat myself. I also fixed in the director and, if someone calls you like Almodóvar, you put the project on another site.The bad reviews are ignored, they hurt him or help him improve?A little bit of everything. The bad reviews are necessary to improve. And many times I have to give the reason, but you also learn to relativize because the critic has not been on the set, where you give a stuff, but then there comes a fitter and mounts which gives him the win. All the blame is not mine. I do read the reviews. One learns in the error. Who is the critic more ruthless with you? Does someone in your family?Not, critical, ruthless, no. The criticism should be constructive.A birthday for an actress is to...Fill the bag of experience to be able to then dump that in your work.There are actresses with 50 years complain that they do not call them.That happens on all sides. In writing, before a person of 50 and a girl of 20 newly out of College, get a of 20. The problem in the movie is missing women writers who have interesting stories about women.As andalusian, how does it feel to see the former presidents of the Board sitting on the bench for the case ERE?As andalusian I am ashamed, but also as a citizen of this country. All that is going on with the corruption that is coming out is outrageous, and I feel deceived. How have you been able to be so many years stealing? Someone can go hand in hand once, but how many years? It is very incomprehensible.There is corruption on the left and also to the right in the case Gürtel, what overflowed so much that it is not surprising nothing?Every time I read a news story annoys me, but it is true that there are so many cases that you almost do not give supply to understand the different ramifications of the corruption of all the parties. Politics in this country needs a renovation urgent, with people who arrive with fresh ideas, young people with languages who have travelled and have seen what happens in other countries and what can be put here in practice. What now gives you much grief.Why in Spain does not leave the names of the Weinsteins?I don't know, is that there are not, there will be give a vote of confidence to the men, or because women here have more fear, and is not yet prepared to say it... But if any haylos because this is abuse of power and occurs in all countries and in all areas. Already will, if they go out.How is braked to the Weinsteins to turn?With education and empowering women. And how it empowers? I have learned more in the cinema, watching films at the school. Learn more from the life, of relationships, of self... The film and the series have a healing power and teaching. If we create stories where the woman has another role than the one that has always had, the new generations of iran learning. You have a woman heroine who is capable of breaking bad. Why do you always have to be a man that ends up with the bad guys? For example a little silly. The cinema has the duty to teach. Would more women writers and directors. I've been lucky with my projects and I have given you a picture of a woman strong and powerful, it can inspire. It is also a way of activism. Claim more women behind the camera.Are you sure that we are making progress on the equality between men and women?I am concerned that every time they come out most cases of gender-based violence among young people. I don't know where it comes from, but it should go at least. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived other times, but now it should be inadmissible from the point of view of the woman. For that you have to create awareness, educate and learn. The woman has more capacity to change, to move forward and adapt to the man. Perhaps it is in our hands the change and the movement MeToo has begun the change.An editor-in-feminist argues that to leave work to take care of the children is the worst mistake that a woman can commit. Yes, totally. Did you quit to many jobs for taking care of their children?This type of questions does not make them men, never, ever. We have to face these questions time and time again. How concilias? Why not asked him to Mariano Rajoy when he was president how I got to govern a country with the care of their children? Why do we ask ourselves?Well, they also raises them. But to very few. I haven't read it. In the women's magazines is the worst. They are the most macho. I have told you time and time again to not ask me again for reconciliation. What would all... Love. It is the only thing that can be done. It is what moves the world.

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