April La 1 continues to stagnate without reaching double digit audiences despite the increase in costs

Few changes in television audiences for the month of April

April La 1 continues to stagnate without reaching double digit audiences despite the increase in costs

Few changes in television audiences for the month of April. Once again, Antena 3 is positioned as the leading television in Spain, and it has been 18 consecutive months, while Telecinco once again marks the all-time low in a month, this time in April, although the share improves by 0.2% compared to the month of March. La 1, for its part, is still stagnant in audiences and fails to drop the single-digit figure in its audiences.

Too little to talk about a change in trend, although Mediaset regains leadership as a television group this April, with one more channel than its main competitor Atresmedia, and thanks to the audiences of the thematic channels that have risen a lot this month. With 10.3%, the group's thematic channels reach their best record since August 2016.

Even so, Antena 3 continues to lead in practically all time slots, with some exceptions such as the nights of La isla de las temptaciones and Survivors.

Thus, according to data from Barlovento Comunicación, Antena 3 obtained a 13% share of the screen in the month of April, compared to 11.4% for Telecinco -the worst figure for the network in a month of April that it also shares with Cuatro which remains at 4.8%- and La 1, which despite countless premieres this month, remains at a 9% share, one tenth less than in the month of March, without managing to exceed two quota figures of screen nor the sorpasso to Telecinco that he already achieved months ago.

Despite having Copa del Rey matches, the double broadcast of MasterChef and the premiere of several series, La 1 fails to improve the data for March.

The public channel is still stagnant without reaching double digits despite the increase in costs. Neither the double broadcast of MasterChef 11, nor the premieres of series such as 4 Estrellas or Los pacientes del doctor García, nor the increase in costs for the double broadcasts of fictions, such as that of La Caza. Guadiana, or both premieres, have been enough for RTVE to improve its audiences.

This increase in costs is explained as follows: costs are not audited until it is broadcast, even if the series has been recorded some time ago. The chains account for the costs of their grill each month. For example, you can decide to change a series for another to increase the audience, but the replacement series can be more expensive than the replaced one, which leads to an increase in expenses, which is what is happening with the latest releases of the public channel. .

And that some of the products of the new season of RTVE are paying off, as is the case of La Promesa, the after-dinner series of La 1, which continues to increase its audiences and has been the leader in its time slot for several days .

Both Telecinco and La 1 fight against an untouchable, Antena 3. The main Atresmedia network accumulates 18 months as the most television. It is his longest historical streak of leadership. Antena 3 leads Telecinco by 1.5 points, and La 1 is 4 points behind.

A leadership that is due to its programming success in almost all time slots, especially in prime time where Antena 3 has an audience share of 13.6% on average, Telecinco 10.5%, despite the improvement in audiences for Survivors, and La 1, 10.2%. It also leads the commercial target in this coveted slot.

Antena 3 continues to have the most watched newscasts. that add up to 40 months of consecutive monthly leadership (17.7% share), leading Informativos Telecinco by more than 6 points

The most watched programs on television are also from Antena 3. El Hormiguero is the most watched program on television in April and the absolute leader. It leads Telecinco by 5.1 points and doubles La 1 with an average audience share of 15.5% and 2.2 million viewers.

The same happens with Pasapalabra, the black beast of the afternoon. It is the second most watched program of the month, chaining 32 consecutive months as a leader. It leads Telecinco by almost 13 points. To which must be added Tu cara me suena (19.8%), La Voz Kids (14.7%) and Y ahora Sonsoles (12.7%), which has led its fourth consecutive month in the afternoon.

As for the series, Antena 3 manages to put four series among the five most watched of the month: Wounds (the most watched), Brothers, Family Secret and Original Sin.

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