Mediaset The first 'firecracker' of Got Talent: All-Stars: Luis Zahera will be a judge

Got Talent All-Stars is one of the big bets that will soon come to Mediaset

Mediaset The first 'firecracker' of Got Talent: All-Stars: Luis Zahera will be a judge

Got Talent All-Stars is one of the big bets that will soon come to Mediaset. It is, in the words of one of its judges, Risto Mejide, "the talent Olympics." Not only is it going to be the first Got Talent All Stars in Europe -it has only been done on NBC- but Mediaset and Fremantle, the producer, have thrown the house out of the window not only in search of the best performances from all the countries where Got Talent is broadcast, but also sitting at the jury table with artists you could never imagine there.

Of all of them, without a doubt, the big surprise is Luis Zahera, the actor who won a Goya in the last edition for his role in As Bestas, and will be one of the guest judges for this special edition. Along with him will also be Fernando Tejero, who will attend the first program, the magician Jorge Blass, the actor and comedian Carlos Areces, the singer Dani Fernández and for the grand finale, the youtuber TheGregf.

As they say, these unexpected and surprising guest artists have accepted the challenge of becoming Got Talent judges because they are fans of the program. "The most impressive thing about artists coming and putting themselves in the role of judges is having people who give different visions of art. It's incredible to see how they arrive and how they end," says Paula Echevarría.

And no, it will not be just a stellar appearance without more, but the choice of one of the passes to the grand final will be in their hands. In each program of this Got Talent: All-Stars, made up of six broadcasts, there will be two finalists: one, chosen by the invited judge and another among the three most valued by the fixed jury -Risto Mejide, Edurne and Paula Echevarría-, who He will be chosen with the votes of the public.

"It is a very, very, very special edition. There are tremendous performances," says Jaime Guerra, Mediaset production director. Indeed, this Got Talent is not the usual Got Talent, it is the Got Talent of the big stars from all over the world.

Got Talent: All-Stars is the first European edition of America's Got Talent: All-Stars, the spin off of the original format recently released in the US on NBC. Magicians in the world top of illusionism, artists who perform in the best auditoriums in Las Vegas, although Risto Mejide assures that "in Las Vegas there are only tricks", and acrobats from the Cirque du Soleil are some of the finalist winners and viral talents of the different versions of Got Talent from around the world who will take the stage of the new show.

You will be able to see a man who destroys an incredibly thick block of ice with his body alone, you will be able to see Edurne climbing a ladder with heels without any support, you will be able to see Tom Ball, finalist for the British Got Talent and finalist of America's got Talent: All-Stars, which Simon Cowell called "the best performance of the entire series". As Santi Millán, presenter of the Spanish format and also of this one, says, "I don't have the need to sell you the fish because the fish is sold".

"In the 17 years that I have been a jury on different programs," explains Risto Mejide, "many times I have met many people who told me 'the Americans do it better', because this edition is dedicated to all those people."

In fact, the casting of Got Talent: All-Stars has nothing to do with casting calls or the selection of a normal edition. "It had to be top, top, top," says the producer. Thus, Fremantle and Mediaset have searched for the best in countries such as France, Croatia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, even the winner in the US. And also artists and performances that, although from the past, are still viral today.

Because what goes viral in this edition of Got Talent has an importance that it did not have before. That is why the youtuber TheGregf will be the guest jury in the grand final, because the intention is that with his presence he attracts the young people who follow him, young people who do not watch television, but who can look at it thanks to the presence of the youtuber.

"But TheGregf is very smart and knows that what happens on Got Talent goes viral and is seen on other platforms," ​​concludes Santi Millán.

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