Rosalia is'very excited about' upcoming world tour

Rosalia spent three decades working on her third studio album, "Motomami." She's now ready to share the music with the world on a upcoming tour that will include stops in Spain, Mexico and Europe, as well as New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Rosalia is'very excited about' upcoming world tour

Grammy- and eight time Latin Grammy-winning superstar announced Monday her "Motomami World Tour," which will include 46 concerts in 15 different countries. It begins July 6, in Almeria (Spain), and ends in Paris, Dec. 18.

The 28-year old singer-songwriter said that she doesn't train and that she studies all aspects of the music. She is preparing mentally and physically to travel for nearly half a year.

"But I'm very happy. She said that she has always enjoyed traveling and that it keeps her inspired.

"Motomami", her follow-up album to 2018's El Mal Querer, was recorded between Barcelona, Miami and Puerto Rico, New York, New York, and Los Angeles largely during the pandemic.

The album's 16 tracks featured a mix of flamenco and reggaeton as well as salsa, electro-pop, and hip-hop. It debuted at No. The album debuted at No. 1 on Spotify's Global Album Chart, a first for a Spanish artist. It also had the highest Billboard chart debut of any Latin-related album this year.

Rosalia says that her musical influences are largely influenced by her childhood in the natural world.

"Nature is God's most beautiful creation." This has been a source of inspiration and a reference to me. It has been a part of my life since I was a little boy," the artist said. He was born in San Cucufate del Valles in the Valles Occidental province.

She then identifies the outstanding women in her life. "My grandmother took my to Mass, and that was what shaped me." My mother is an example of strength and independence. My sister, who is an artist and has inspired me a lot. She is also very intelligent.

She continued, "And, mother always showed me Nina Hagen and Janis Joplin, women that create," she said. "My mom showed it to me because she loved music so all of it has been a source for me."

Rosalia said it was a "very exciting challenge" to transfer a project like "Motomami", which is so ambitious and diverse. Rosalia said that this stage show will be different than her 2019 tour supporting "El Mal Querer", in which she performed 40 concerts on both sides.

She performed at Webster Hall in New York on that occasion. It will take place at Radio City Music Hall, Sept. 18-19.

"Two nights! Two nights! It's going to be a great trip. New York is my favorite city. I hope that one day I will be able to live there. But for now, I can sing." The singer behind hit songs like "Con Altura" by J Balvin, "TKN", with Travis Scott, and "La noche de anoche", with Bad Bunny.

She stated that she was excited to perform again in her home country of Argentina, where there are 12 concerts, and in Mexico and Mexico. "Because the audience there gives me a lot love; it's such a dedicated crowd that it brings out my best."

She is eager to visit the San Juan Coliseum as many of the artists that inspired it -- like Daddy Yankee, TegoCalderon, Zion, and Don Omar -- and also to La Romana in Dominican Republic "because there's also bachata at 'Motomami'."

Tickets for the "Motomami World Tour", will be available at starting Friday

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