The weather week in a quick check: Summer is starting again - and weakens at Pentecost

The meteorological start of summer is on June 1st, but the weather doesn't necessarily play along everywhere.

The weather week in a quick check: Summer is starting again - and weakens at Pentecost

The meteorological start of summer is on June 1st, but the weather doesn't necessarily play along everywhere. Although it's getting warmer towards the middle of the week, it's also getting muggy. Thunderstorms are therefore also possible in some parts of Germany at Pentecost.

A complex weather week awaits us. The beginning still supercooled, partly frosty at night and during the day again more April-weather interspersed than constant. Then summer comes - first of all, meteorologically. Because on June 1st, i.e. on Wednesday, is the meteorological or statistical start of summer. In contrast to the calendar beginning of summer, this is about the statistical comparability of seasons, which always change around three weeks and thus exactly at the beginning of the month.

At the same time, we can draw a line under spring 2022 and realize that it was a little too warm. However, the sunshine and precipitation balance is much more striking. Spring was again much too sunny and unfortunately just as much too dry. Whether June wants to change something about the sometimes disastrous precipitation balance is still quite open. But at least the first month of summer will probably not start completely dry. Heavy thunderstorms and storms are also conceivable.

And that is due to the change in weather conditions from the middle of the week. While the midsummer air spreads in the Mediterranean with peak values ​​of over 40 degrees, summer is also showing up here in Germany. In addition to maximum values ​​of up to 30 degrees in the south-west, the heat is accompanied by a certain degree of humidity and mugginess, which in turn causes the risk of thunderstorms to rise rapidly.

Last but not least, short vacationers and sun lovers are sure to look at the weather forecast for the upcoming Pentecost weekend. According to the current status, this could be divided into two parts - north and south. Here the details.

Monday night: Between frost and thunderstorms

At night, occasional thunderstorms are still possible in the south-east, while otherwise the new week almost feels like late winter. Because it likes to cool down to 8 to 1 degrees, especially in the low mountain range there is ground frost.

Monday: Unstable start to the week

In the west and in Lower Bavaria there are chances of a dry and sometimes sunny start to the week. Otherwise the clouds will be more compact in the meantime and may be accompanied by showers and occasional thunderstorms. Temperatures range from 12 to 15 degrees in the north and in the mountains, and from 16 to 21 degrees in the rest of the country; it is warmest on the Upper Rhine.

Tuesday and Wednesday: summer brand beckons in the southwest

A slight upward trend can be seen. On Tuesday at 16 to 24, on Wednesday at 18 to 25 degrees. The warmest corner is still the Breisgau, where the meteorological start of summer on Wednesday is appropriate. The weather will remain slightly changeable with occasional thunderstorms.

Thursday and Friday: Always warmer, always muggy

In the south, the partly humid and warm summer air spreads further and further. In addition to peak values ​​of 26 to almost 30 degrees, repeated downpours as well as thunder and lightning are on the way. The rest of the country is also prone to showers at times - on Thursday more in the north, on Friday more in the center of the country. It is still the coolest on the North Sea at 17 degrees.

Pentecost 2022: Division in sight

The signs for the Whitsun weather from Saturday to Monday are different. According to the current status, there will be repeated thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons and evenings, in addition to sunny periods. Meanwhile, the northern half is showing itself to be more stable. The temperatures usually reach 17 to 25 degrees - although some of the weather computers would also allow noticeably higher temperatures, which would probably also be accompanied by an increasing tendency to storms.

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