Can taking CBD oil daily improve your life?

Cannabis has become a mainstream topic as of late

Can taking CBD oil daily improve your life?

Cannabis has become a mainstream topic as of late.  Investments, recreation and health are major areas of conversation, but one of the most important issues is that of how CBD affects our bodies. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive ingredient found in the cannabis plant that won’t get you high and can provide interesting health benefits.  From neurological disorders, to Alzheimer’s disease, to depression and anxiety, CBD is gaining quite the reputation as an effective (and safe) supplement for a wide range of medical conditions.

However, with all the emphasis on what disorders CBD can treat, it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to be sick to benefit from taking cannabis oil.  Among other things, CBD has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, help lower inflammation, increase relaxation and generally make people feel better.  There have been several (unofficial) case studies done where people commit to taking CBD oil daily for a length of time and recording their experiences.  This article will chronicle what effects CBD users have experienced and why taking this wonderful ingredient of the cannabis plant is recommended for everyone to try.  These are not necessarily medical effects, but those realized through living daily life – with CBD oil.

It is important to note that these experiences are not coming from a medical doctor or lab test, but from real world experiences related by people who have taken CBD oil regularly and are benefitting from it in many ways.

Improved focus

Many CBD users report an increase in the ability to maintain focus – at work, at play and in general.  Ingesting CBD daily seems to not only help reduce distracting anxiety, but also raise concentration levels to help people stay ‘in the zone’ for longer periods of time.

Workout recovery

One of the most touted benefits of CBD is its ability to lower inflammation, which in turn helps your body recover faster after a strenuous workout.  As you work your muscles, minuscule tears happen which will leave you feeling sore and achy after a workout, especially the next day.  Repeated exercising can also eventually leave your body feeling overworked and lethargic.  Taking CBD after workouts seems to have lessened these unwanted effects considerably, allowing for longer and harder workouts.  This is because CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.  For cortisol reduction to be its most useful, CBD should be taken before a workout, as well as after. 

Better sleep

One of the most drastic improvements reported by people taking CBD regularly is how great their sleep becomes.  It’s easier to fall asleep and to stay asleep, meaning your body has more time to recover.  People report feeling fresher during the day, but there are also some reports that high doses of CBD can promote tiredness.  For most though, sleep was amazing but getting out of bed was tough.

Increased motivation

Perhaps it’s the CBD, or perhaps it’s your body feeling better that results in increased motivation.  No matter the cause, taking CBD oil regularly seems to help people get up and be productive during the day.  People report more energy and a willingness or drive to get things accomplished. This seems like something we could all derive a great benefit from, right?

Increased confidence

Confidence is a funny thing.  It’s important for daily life and for a positive self image, but if you feel sluggish, tired and lazy, chances are you won’t be all that confident.  CBD helps your body feel good (invigorated) and that in turn leads to an increase in confidence.  People report that conversating was easier, their mind felt sharper and they felt surer of themselves, especially in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers.

Improved digestion

If you’re irregular, suffer from IBS or other stomach upsets, it seems that CBD may be able to help.  Users report that after taking CBD regularly for about a week that their stools were more regular and consistent, which can be an indicator of being healthier in general.  This can be a by-product of reduced anxiety and lowered inflammation.

Quitting smoking or other habits and addictions

One of the biggest benefits and most popular uses for CBD consumption is for habit cessation.  Smokers have reported that CBD oil helped with their cravings immensely.  This could be tied to CBD’s anti-anxiety properties, but smokers aren’t alone.  Diet’s became easier to maintain and habits, such as other drug addictions were easier to manage or kick all-together.

CBD makes you happier

While there are a lot of benefits to taking CBD even if you are a healthy individual, the biggest benefit is the reported increase in happiness.  With lowered inflammation, less anxiety and stress, improved sleep and a better diet comes the amazing feeling of happiness.  When your body feels good, your mind feels good too.  Being happy will also influence those around you and those feelings will snowball, and who wouldn’t want that?

If these benefits sound like something you’d like in your life, then give CBD oil a shot and most likely, you’ll be glad you did.

Updated Date: 17 September 2018, 04:45

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