Neurologist pleads guilty to sexually abusing patients

Thursday's federal charges against a neurologist allege that he was a serial sex abuser of women who sought his help for chronic, debilitating pain. A neurologist has pleaded not guilty.

Neurologist pleads guilty to sexually abusing patients

According to prosecutors, Dr. Ricardo Cruciani made the plea in Manhattan federal court. After posting a bond of $3 million secured by three properties, and three signatures by three others, he was to be released into electronic monitoring at home.

Cruciani's lawyer didn't respond to my message immediately.

Cruciani, 63-year-old, who lives in Wynnewood in Pennsylvania, was taken into custody Wednesday morning in Pocono pines, Pennsylvania on charges that he had abused patients for 15 years in his offices in New York City and Philadelphia.

Indictment describes the doctor who was a specialist in rare pain syndromes. He groomed patients and prescribed addictive opioids to them.

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