7 Perfect Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Bangalore Wedding

Every wedding holds a story when two people get married their entire world changes into a completely new one with lots of love

7 Perfect Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Bangalore Wedding
Every wedding holds a story when two people get married their entire world changes into a completely new one with lots of love. Their relationship grows like a flower if taken proper care. Marriages form a very significant part of our life, every one of us dreams of the perfect wedding, from the perfect wedding dress to the venue and decoration. And when it comes to decoration, flowers are an integral part, as, without blooms, no decoration of the wedding day is complete.

Flowers can be found all over the place at a wedding – from bouquets and boutonnieres, to flower petals down the walkway at the ceremony, and even imaginative floral design for table centerpieces. Flowers are a key constituent of any marriage; they add extra color, texture, and feeling to your special day. They create the feeling or set the mood for your wedding with their attractiveness, tint, grace, and style. The use of flowers at a wedding is a form of expression and is also used as a component of design.

Well, every state has different popular flowers and different decorative ideas for weddings. The same goes for City Bangalore. It is the capital of Karnataka state and it is also famous for its beautiful gardens, where you will find flowers of different types. And while thinking of some unique and attractive flower arrangement ideas for a wedding ceremony in Bangalore, you can go for these 10 mentioned popular flower arrangements.

1.A Wall of Romantic Memory

This wall full of 1000 roses is an ideal wedding decoration idea. You can definitely choose this wall of romantic memories and make a wedding happening in Bangalore just like Bangalore people.

2.Teddy Shaped Arrangement Of Roses

While planning to have a grand wedding in the grand city like Bangalore, you can go ahead with this unique idea Teddy bear arrangement of 2,500 roses. This unique teddy arrangement of 2,500 roses is perfect for decoration at the wedding.

3.Moon of Rose

This can enhance the decoration of the wedding much more. The elegant moon shaped roses are also a perfect wedding gift too. You can send this to your dear ones who live in Bangalore. If you want your wedding bouquet to tell the world how you feel about your groom, then nothing says it better than red roses, which signify passionate love.

4.Letter Box Arrangement of Flowers

100 roses in the Letterbox arrangement is a unique way of decorating a wedding venue. People in Bangalore are very fond of creativity and they cherish it. If you want to surprise a couple then you can indeed give this gift to them or else you can decorate the venue with this classy floral arrangement.

5.Gerberas in a Basket Arrangement

This awesome decoration idea is lovely. The carnations and gerberas in a basket give an appealing look. You can always choose this classy floral arrangement to give Bangalore wedding a special traditional look. Beyond being just revere beautification, carnations can be massed together for a lush look that's affordable. The pink variability means thankfulness, and white is pure love.


Lilies are awesome and when it’s a marriage in a city like South India, you can definitely go with this arrangement of white lilies. These beautiful decorative ideas of enhancing the appearance of your wedding venue will blow everyone. The sign of humility and virginity, the white variety of this timeless flower is a wedding main part. The other shades have significant meaning too: The orange lily represents passion, while yellow signifies gaiety.

6.Cycle of Flowers

This trendy and classy style of cycle full of flowers is awesome. You can decorate the wedding venue with the arrangement of this cycle and amaze everyone at the wedding. You can either select one flower, or variety of flowers for the decoration on this cycle pots. Besides, going on with the mixed flowers looks much more appealing. So during the wedding season, this unique flower arrangement idea is like a win-win of everyone’s heart.

These dapper and most stylish decorative flower arrangements are best suited for the wedding day. You can give your venue an enhanced and classy look that will fill every eye with fondness. They will bring charm on your wedding day, with their captivating arrangement. You can go for Online Flower Delivery in Bangalore to get the finest blooms gleam and make your wedding decorations perfect.

Note: Important Points to keep in mind


There are many arrangements of flowers and color schemes that work really well together. It is not essential that every color must match, but a good contrast is really pleasing to the eye, and highlights are the important portions of a wedding. Flowers also brighten up a place drastically. This means that your flower decorations will look absolutely stunning. They will give different appealing shapes and colors to add life to your wedding.


Most flowers also give off a lovely scent or aroma. This plays a role in enhancing mood. A nice smelling flower can always turn someone’s day around; that is why flowers are considered as the good gifts. It also makes one feel like it is summer or spring, which is the depiction of fun and cheerfulness.

Need to be real

Because flowers are so artistically pleasing, it needs to be real as flowers are the most significant part of decoration in every wedding. Having a good balance of colour, light, air, and other elements, gives people a sense of calm and relaxation and flowers add a touch of glow to it.

If you are unable to figure out the kind of flower decorations at wedding then you can explore various platforms for details and gets information regarding the same. Having a professional around is always useful, and they can offer you better ideas and ways of beginning a certain situation. They will also help you find cheaper and more useful products for your wedding. This is very important, for a wedding and there is no margin for wastage.

Date Of Update: 16 September 2019, 15:08

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