Animals conquer British cities: Ratmageddon in the Kingdom

The rat has not many friends outside of his own pack, to distrust and therefore especially warnings of the chamber of hunters is. One believes them, however, is

Animals conquer British cities: Ratmageddon in the Kingdom

The rat has not many friends outside of his own pack, to distrust and therefore especially warnings of the chamber of hunters is. One believes them, however, is the London plague in the midst of a rat. Since the beginning of the pandemic, according to commercial rat catchers, crawl the rodents are literally out of their holes. They were especially wide, where once the man claimed the sound-that is, in office buildings, Restaurants, and Pubs, to all the places, which has left the city dwellers to escape the Virus.

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The British Association of chamber of hunters reported for some time, of increasing orders of their members. During the first lock downs in the spring of last year, more than half of all the vault hunters had reported more work. The end of the year, there were 78 percent. Allegedly, the rats are not only a visible, but at the end of the pandemic, to stimulate and to their already remarkable reproductive instinct grew. According to an estimate by the Grand chamber of hunter's "“ increased the number of rats in the Kingdom in the past year, by 25 percent, to about 150 million.

was carried out in this count, not easily understood, but concern you excited – even more so, as the human population has shrunk in the same time undetectable. According to the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence alone, more than half of the capital, which had lost eight percent of its inhabitants have turned since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 1.3 million people in the United Kingdom the back. Since the majority of them are returned to the countries from which they came, is trying to make the metaphor from the early alarm rodent on the head: It is the people who have left the sinking ship.

wating for tabloids

"By nature, rats, people try to avoid, which is why before the pandemic in the pipes and sewage systems hidden", called the exterminator David Lodge in a television interview in memory. After months of Lockdowns, the rats had become "bolder". In the summer of tabloid Newspapers reported of the "Rat war" in the British capital. The pack animals would make each other new colonies in dispute. Especially "bloodthirsty" rats to devour each other out. Flanked such reports along the Front of the photos that make the rounds on the Internet. It looks rodents, which should measure half a Meter. The newspaper "The Sun" already warned against "mutants of the rat", as would have been the evil variant of the game of the Virus is now also the world of the rodents captured. "Ratmageddon", it was said, was no longer far.

Screenshot of the Instagram channel of the British company Fast Track Pest Control, among other things, the rampant rats dedicated Plage. : Image: job_rattenplage

of Course, is affected not only London, not only the centers of large cities. An exterminator from Manchester emerged with the observation that the rodents come up in Central England, in the meantime, in the suburb of houses and even on the upper floors down had left. The rats experience your own Lockdown Paradox.

Where people will be surprised in the Kingdom, that the success rate draws so far, only further restrictions can make the rats out no rhyme to the plague. The empty opened them unexpectedly a new life, but in these they threaten to starve to death. It is mainly the lack of food in the orphan is inner cities, and leave the rats in the busier Suburbs Dodge, said Steven Belmain from the Natural Resources Institute in Greenwich.

animals explore the new habitat

the behavior of other animals is illustrated in a mess of a proportion of city-dwellers: In Wales, marauding goats in the centre of Llandudno, in the Israeli port city of Haifa, wild pigs, garbage emptied the bucket, and in Santiago de Chile Cougars got to the front gardens, access, and private homes. But such cross-border violators is not so the rats can count on the human indulgence, the curiosities benefit from. At least since the development of the Sewerage, they have become synonymous with the disgust par excellence; even the cockroaches have not taken it so far.

Knowledge was never valuable

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Updated Date: 03 March 2021, 09:20

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