David Broncano and Dani Martin burst the night of Rosalia in The Anthill

Rosalia throws a message to C. Tangana in The Anthill Rosalie, it is crowned as the artist most listened to in one day on Spotify The issue that haunts

David Broncano and Dani Martin burst the night of Rosalia in The Anthill

Rosalia throws a message to C. Tangana in The Anthill

Rosalie, it is crowned as the artist most listened to in one day on Spotify

The issue that haunts the presenter Pablo Motos

Rosalie: "I have not had an adolescence normal"

As it turns out, Pablo Motos have the possibility to sit face-to-face with the star of the moment, with the new diva of flamenco 'millennial', with the artist of the Kardashian, with which the peta outside and within our borders, and... go David Broncano and Dani Martín, and the bundle brown the night that The Anthill was Rosalia.

There are that make them very well placed to gamble as well to Pablo Motos. The man, who wore all the program preocupadísimo by the incredible and amazing nail Rosalia (joderse), who was stunned and absolutely amazed with the artist's 'Badly', that he had only praises, praises and thanks, had to bite the bullet and endure the bursting of The Resistance in a night that Paul wanted was for Rosalia, for your fans and for anyone else.

it Turns out that Dani Martín received on your last visit to the program, the platinum card that gives who receives a wish. The singer was choose to be able to go to The Anthill when she wanted. And this came up David Broncano and Resistance.

a few weeks Ago, the singer invited in the program of Movistar + The resistance in which he explained to Broncano, who had the power to go to The Anthill when you give him the actual win. "I can go to when you want to The Anthill. I have a card of silver and that gives me the right to go when you want to," and then they joined the hunger with the desire to eat. "Then do it, because Paul was very hot to the mouth, but... Do it one day and jodes the program", you will be prompted Broncano and Dani Martin accepted the bet: "I'm going to do it. I promise you".

And the promise came the worst night that I could reach, the night of Rosalia. When the presenter and the artist were all concentrated in the science of Marron, David Broncano and Dani Martín appeared on board of some scooters-electric (Viva Carmena!) to actually make your bet and fucked the program to Paul.

"But what is this?", it was the only thing that was able to vocalize Pablo Motos to see David & Dani, Dani & David breaking like Peter by his house on the set. "What's this? What Summer Blue?", reacted to a blown away Bikes. "Forgive us Rosalia, we didn't know that was you the guest" -there is that joderse, again, got down on his knees Dani Martin, aware of the blunder that we just had to have. Rosalie was so far above as all the previous interview.

"Is that you I see your face and I see that you haven't seen it coming," he said Broncano Paul Bikes that obviously did not ni puñetera grace the trick of the two colleagues. "To see, is that he (pointed to Dani Martín) is invited to platinum, but you're not, or tin", Paul answered in the first of a series of blows that would be during the time that they were. Because Paul is not going to forgive or he was going to remain silent.

"I'm going to explain. A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Dani Martin in The resistance and told me that I had the platinum card for The Ant and that I could go whenever I wanted to program...", I explained Broncano, while Dani showed his card and espetaba Paul a "so that it complies to your word." And in the meantime Rosalia... where was Rosalie? Holding stoic and with the same smile that captivated all the program. Then, you will not understand why the fans are unhappy with the program. In order to...

But Dani realized, he did so from the beginning, from the moment I entered and saw that the guest was Rosalie, and he wanted to leave and put a clean pair of heels. "And that's it, and we have nothing more to say or what to do. We left and leave it to Rosalie because we are like two mosquitoes that have crashed against a Ferrari that is Rosalía". To good hours, green sleeves.

And there went out the Paul more sour: "do you know? -addressing Rosalia - This is a kid that is starting on the tele, and this is a kid that is ending in the music." ...And the blows continue to fall. "I is that the other day and I was like 'no eggs' and I didn't know that this guy is a fucking madman. We were going to play tennis, and I have been told you pick you up and we go to The Ant," explained Broncano. And then he softened and asked them to stay, but "we do not want to disturb". "Pestering you are pestering". Whoosh! "If the vso together it seems that they were going to do a duo Dani-Alex Ubago", and other more. And Dani said it all: "We are two idiots nothing more."

it Was the perfect ending to a night in which Rosalie once again proved why it is the artist of the moment, why you worship, why you want it, here and there, why he has worked with Almodovar, Penelope and why everyone wants to snuggle to her, why is she still having the feet on the ground.

Because last night, although not what it seems, Rosalia was to present and to speak (especially to speak) from their second album The evil they want to'. The Catalan tried, and even came to give lessons that everyone should learn even if just a little bit. "For me to do this have more to do with necessity than anything else. I think that there is a clear message of feminine power, first of all, but it is also something that connected (...) To make music, to do anything creative experiences, the evil of love, given to write for a while."

And then he spoke of I Think of your look, of jealousy... "do you Think that schools should teach that jealousy are wrong?", praise be to Paul. "I think yes. I think that emotional intelligence is something that is already ensañando in schools and should teach more. That jealousy is never good, it is scary."

Because The wrong to want to talk about this and much more. Speaking of jealousy, speaking of the female power, he speaks of love understood from the point of view of a man and from the woman... "I think that clearly the male relates different from the female. But I also think this would give to many hours of talk. When I say this I'm not talking about a man and a woman. For me to do a job like that has to do with thinking about questions, not so much trying to find a concrete answer. What I have clear is that, that is as a claim at all times, and that has served me to compose, to write, to produce, to grow as a musician".

And had nothing more to say or he was not allowed to say. Rosalie went to The Anthill conducted with every few months where everything you touch turns to gold, but Rosalie remains the Rosalyn of before. Said it last night and it showed last night. All humility, all of it because "I still feel the same as always", because "I'm going to my village and do the same thing of always," because he has her mother and her sister to return to earth, because "my job is like any other".

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Date Of Update: 17 November 2018, 20:00

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