Emilio Martínez Lázaro: "The gilipollez of 'procés' has exceeded the comedy"

Emilio Martínez-Lázaro. Madrid, 1945. He made his debut by winning the Golden Bear in Berlin ('The words of Max', 1978), but became the director more house of

Emilio Martínez Lázaro:

Emilio Martínez-Lázaro. Madrid, 1945. He made his debut by winning the Golden Bear in Berlin ('The words of Max', 1978), but became the director more house of the history of Spain, thanks to the romantic comedy. Just premiered 'Miamor lost', with Dani Rovira and Michelle Jenner.

director of avant-garde author of blockbusters such as 'Eight surnames basques and catalans' or 'The other side of the bed there is a break'. I suspect that is not the way you imagined in your comienzos...De I actually started with the smaller collection of the history of Spanish cinema, because The words of Max did not see, nor God. I've always been the same and I have not done a film that doesn't interests me personally. I've never chosen thinking of the success because when you say that do this is going to work" is a lie. No one knows what's going to work at the box office. No one. So I do what I like me and that is what it should be. I did Eight surnames basques because the first time I read the script I got both the image of the radical basque singing a seville with a chorus that said: "Or kill us, or that's hilarious". But I never thought that would be a blockbuster. In fact, Telecinco did not want to do it, didn't see it clear. It was very risky, and I was the first surprised by the success.Is there not a magic formula, then?As a director you have a mission to fulfill, which is to keep people interested from the start of the movie until it ends, because that leaves a feeling of satisfaction in the spectator: "I have Not lost the time". The film is a spectacle, and we can not forget it. So I really like to reach out to people, but then I know how to get to the people... I have No idea.Because he has failed a little...it Will be because I have the same taste. I am writing to please me, but that same curiosity that I have for those basques who sing sevillanas and put bombs is the one that takes the audience to the cinema. In the end is not so difficult to this. If you are sincere with yourself and you feel the interpreter of the general tastes, you're going to reach the public more easily. In contrast, when you're calculating and making the obvious, you're going to fail. People are not stupid.What is the obvious?Look, if there's anything I hate is to make movies and improvisations on the habits and behaviors of traditional families. That makes me sick, especially in mine. In fact, I don't like about the two films of Eight surnames,... is that there is a wedding at the end. It seems to Me repugnant and I fucked up. I want films without weddings or traditional families. What is the least that. What is exceptional is what weapon movies. What is so exceptional of 'Miamor lost'?That is a romantic comedy with two characters antirrománticos and that differentiates it from the other 2,000 romantic comedies that can be done at the same time.What, then, does the director of the romantic comedy par excellence will get bored with the romantic comedy traditional?No, I love The Land, which is the romantic movie par excellence, but I understand that you don't like because that story we have seen nearly 800,000 times. In the film, music, literature... the search of the conventional brings bad results. What to look for is authenticity. If it coincides with a lot of people, phenomenal. If only I like you and your cousin, since you both will enjoy.Do you underestimate the intelligence of the public?Of course. Why Eight surnames basques had the worst reviews that I have received in my entire life? Very simple: they saw the tone of farce exageradísimo of the film, which was a astracanada with Dani Rovira doing the asshole from beginning to end, and they were outrageous with that try a theme great big as terrorism. In the Country, compared with the Autonosuyas, Vizcaino Casas. Forgive, or not you've seen the movie or don't know what you're talking about. Because it was a film to unite and the other was to take down all, or what the heck is what...what Has already renounced to do drama? How arrive only comedies?I did dramas as The 13 roses, and The voice of his master, which I think are fine, but, although it has cost me reconocérmelo myself, I understand that the comedy I like more. Because the humor always offers a point of view much more rich on things, despite the fact that is not appreciated in academic circles and critics. If he laughs at the people in the film, already don't give you even a prize. Forget it. And that, well that seems idiotic, it is the truth. Is so and has always been so. And do you know what? It seems to Me very well. There's that reward the avant-garde films that open up new paths. And the new roads that I can open are always subtle, are within traditional genres and convince so many people that a prize would not add anything. Dani Rovira gave him a Goya deserved by Eight surnames basques, but if you compare the actor that was with that is now, that was idiotic. But now it is not what would never be, because it is too famous. Neither Michelle Jenner, that has left me with the mouth open in Miamor lost, where instead of being the nice girl is a daughter of fucking fantastic. Has been the permanent smile of the shoot for me and is fantastic, but it is too popular...What comedies worships?The two best comedies of the story were, interestingly, failures, monumental at the box office. The beast in my girl, which is the film that has inspired all of my movies, and To be or not To be, Lubitsch. The first failed because in 1938 was ahead of both its time with its female protagonist, Katherine Hepburn is absolutely independent, that he was going to hunt down Cary Grant, without hesitation, that the public does not bore. When reestrenó in the 60's had an extraordinary success. And the second because I was joking with Hitler in the middle of the war and that couldn't make jokes. A movie, that was ridiculous to nazism seemed to them intolerable. In the end, seemed to be Spanish.Speaking of Spain, how would let him roll 'Eight Catalan surnames' with the current situation?No, impossible. When the producer I was hit with Eight surnames basques, I told him that nothing was wrong because it was finished. ETA no longer put bombs. And Catalonia, with me happened the opposite: I went ahead a year and, thankfully, because now it could not make it. With that crazy old woman that declares the independence we gave them ideas: you should think of when you see it that it was very easy and the following year was the Parliament that did it. The gilipollez of the procés has overtaken the comedy, but someone like the Round, that is directly racist, it would have been a character very minor. If you become a crazy old woman improves. But in the end are the same. It is amazing.You lived the freedom of the 80's, do you have the feeling that the art becomes to be under surveillance? Yes, and this is one of those few things in which the response is radically: it is intolerable. It is intolerable that condemn them for their lyrics to be a rapper, by the very assholes that be, that is. And this we must emphasize also: he makes some characters idiots to cause to Rajoy and when angered, ends up in jail and all the others we have to get by a jerk. This is what have been doing throughout the life of some minorities and fuck, but there is no choice but to carry them and defend their right to be assholes. To the left is often required to be a partner of stupid things by the mere fact of being left. Went with the pro-independence catalans: "it Seems incredible that the Spanish left does not support us". But, oh, how we're going to support a few guys that want to get out of Spain to pay to the extremadura health! The left is and must be internationalist. It is obvious, but what is obvious in these times has it fucked up.The mood had carte blanche and it is also no longer.I had it and must have it. It is essential because, where do you put the limit? Why with a guy from the streets, yes, but not the Pope? If it is he who offends me to me only with go dress mamarracho! If I have respect for those who believe in that nonsense, you respect that I do not believe it and you make a joke. Respect is always required on one side only. You believe in God and I believe that you are an idiot, a deluded or insecure. Respéteme. But the left has entered in this also.Yes, that is terrible. What is politically correct, the micromachismos... Is that there are times that you tap the balls even though you know you are part of a complaint is fair. But if I let pass in front by the door is not because it is macho, it is because I am educated. You would have to make a huge effort to get ahead. There are a lot of ridiculous things.You who has spent 40 years in the industry, what are the conclusions out of the #MeToo?Behind these complaints there are a lot of reality, not to say all. It is not the exceptional situation of a pig as Weinstein, but a structural problem. The group of men not been treated as equal to women in the film. That's not up for discussion. The problem is to move from there to a witch-hunt continues. Woody Allen, for example. What we know of the matter is that a girl influenced from very young by his mother, who is crazy for all of life, says that her father abused her in an age in which the poor did not hear anything. And all over the world believe when the courts have said that is a lie, his older brother has said is a lie, Allen has said that is a lie... The only sure thing here is that Woody Allen does not have a job. It is very strong. These excesses are terrible. The amazing of all these things is that, when you are in fashion, the more radical dictates the rules. And the more radical it is never the most intelligent.Because it speaks of radical... You gave her great role in the film Willy Toledo in 'The other side of the bed'. Now it is hard to remember who is an actor... he Always had that interest and that positioning, but what the heck does that have to do with a great actor of comedy? Now you do not hire anyone because the producers are very right-wing and, moreover, do not want to have the enmity of the PP. To see if now with the change of government re-hire him. What you will see that he shit on the Virgin not to give him work in yours if it is good, what is it? It is ridiculous.You did a lot of tele in your first time, how would you rate the Golden Age of the series? Do you bubble or reality?It is not a fashion, it is economics. The audience of the rooms low, low, and low in Spain and for 8 euros a month you have an offer unlimited in-house for a few teles cojonudas that look better than the Capitol cinema, which, by the way, looks fatal. Yes, but movies that go direct to the Oscars as 'Rome', Alfonso Cuaron, produced directly Netflix and your step by meeting is testimonial.It is normal that the displays will not want to put on, have to defend their business. But for the director it is an input of funds spectacular. If I call him, would also. And what Netflix is going to be a nonsense when Amazon will decide definitely to go for the Prime, you're in it. If you want to, is buying Netflix as I have a loaf of bread. For them, a movie is chump change. The meeting will be as it is now the theatre. For true film buffs who want to go to see Vertigo in good condition and some new movies of great category that what to do more by prestige than by box office. Everything else, in house. Rome is breaking now many conventions. It will be a product that will have a great success in Europe and Mexico, but in the united States will not see nor your whore mother because it is a mexican film in black-and-white of a chacha with a few children and what they want is to see another drug.

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