María Hervás, the power of the victim

Arrives with his adaptation of 'Iphigenia in Vallecas' and begins the trials of the protagonist of the trial of The Pack in 'Pack' The version of the ev

María Hervás, the power of the victim

Arrives with his adaptation of 'Iphigenia in Vallecas' and begins the trials of the protagonist of the trial of The Pack in 'Pack'

The version of the event in Pamplona, directed by Miguel del Arco and will be based on the transcription of the process to the five defendants.

it Takes three weeks for the actress María Hervás with the stomach upset and the most likely cause is that Monday begins the trials of Pack, the work of theater that account of the judgment of The Herd. Before, this Friday, will arrive at Alicante with the only stop in the Community of Iphigenia in Vallecas, an assembly that has been located between the professionals most prominent of the landscape scenic.

If the television roles in comedies more frivolous we have been giving popularity, it is in the theatre where roles are more intense you have failed to generate that moment. "Mine is more slow -explains via telephone - but I feel like I'm carving out a career with strength that can not fade as fast as the successes that come on very quickly. I have a deep respect for the comrades that is very important and I very much appreciated".

A good reason to do this is at your initiative. Do not have texts to represent? Because it is going to buy their rights to the prestigious Edinburgh festival. What is purchased is not translated to English? Because it puts to it with patience. So it came to Iphigenia in Vallecas, his adaptation of the text of Gary Owen, who has earned the prize of the Union of Actors as the protagonist.


And when he tells how was the process it does so with a naturalness almost staggering, far from presumptions. She says that is so because "it was a very natural process, as if it were touched with a magic wand". Product, that yes, that is carried away by its impulses, and a work of ant, "I put in the morning and to light with the book, the computer and the dictionary of neighborhood, because there were terms that they are very neighborhood of Wales, Cardiff, where is the original". That you made "for pleasure, for it" does not look now capable of repeating it, "because if I wanted to get the same thing that I have gotten with this, I would have much burden".

Almost as much as you physically acknowledge that you are having while learning the text of his new work, Pack. "I have a vital anxiety that I can not with it and I hope really that we do grant a place to the society to confront an issue that is not of today, which is historically important."

A call from Miguel del Arco, who is in charge of conducting it, we announced the proposal. "And who is going to say no?", remember. Agreed to embody the victim of the five convicts known as The Herd based on the text of Jordi Casanovas on the transcription of the trial. The confidence came from knowing that he was the professional that was in charge of bringing the trial of the former treasurer of the Popular Party in Ruz-Barcenas. But any doubts he had. And many because "he has done so much social judgment, the parallel of the press, and the judges, is it really the time to get here or there is to wait a bit for the thing to settle down?".

Andrés Lima was the one who ran out of convince for a role that you know will be a milestone in his career. "Told Me to do because as we have already said both to the people what to think about this issue from different ways, moving the field of culture, the theater-where there is no more hell to listen to because you can't say 'I believe, I believe'; and listen in the stillness of the room, in an environment that is not aggressive - it is so beautiful."

The context that they aim to create for the viewer with the work is basic. "We look forward to doing so from a place of compassion, of understanding of the real problem and not a trial enervate, radical that does not give rise to the growth or solve important problems. I hope that is helpful because if not, we are lost."

Another element that has clear and in which I insisted the director and you want to move the public is that "it is fiction even though they are the actual words, will be trial, but with a flight metaphor so that you do not simply read what was already posted and that anyone who was interested could read it". His work as an artist, he adds, "is to elevate it to another dimension, where another look is possible." And from those heights will accompany the public who expect that you do not have the need to position themselves as fast, to hate or not to hate, and to finish out transformed.

Learned that text is being hard, as has been recognized. A process in which you feel that enters in the universe of the victim through his language. "And this is your reality, that is why it is important to have you so rich". She suddenly stops in his reasoning, "I don't want to start philosophizing, what I mean is that as I'm learning those words, I'm going to head in the swimming pool of your psyche".

The personal involvement and emotional that requires a paper like this that generates a lot of expectations acknowledge that it is a challenge because "we've all heard so many opinions, we have seen pictures, people have taken to the street, has taken a new place." Despite this "role particularly delicate, I have to say that to me they are taking care of all from the first day, I have never felt so cared for in any project."

in Front of it are Raul Prieto, Nacho Mateos, Alex García, Martín Rivas and Fran Songs. A cast who is very proud and believes that "we are going to get where you have to get". Yes, as you said The Bow, "indeed here are five and you are alone. I want you to have a place of much voice and presence in the trials that you feel you may have the" freedom". It achieves its goal, that "through of mine has something important to tell, and so I outline my work in Pack, in that way, because if not, I could not face it."


to Acknowledge that he has had moments in his career in which he has wanted to leave the profession. "Because everything is very mixed: sometimes producers look at the followers on Instagram that you have to hire you".


In these cases come to doubt if your paper is to be a blogger or a model, "that is what I am studying philosophy, I do my yoga and fuck this show, this circus, but then, fortunately, I do this project. To save me from this noise that does not let me see"

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