Problem animal in Trentino: The bear is back

Maurizio Fugatti has arranged short process: On Tuesday night, the country was the main man in the Northern Italian province of Trentino the dangerous "lightni

Problem animal in Trentino: The bear is back

Maurizio Fugatti has arranged short process: On Tuesday night, the country was the main man in the Northern Italian province of Trentino the dangerous "lightning bear" to shoot down. Its exact identity but still needs to be determined. To do this, they took DNA at the "crime scene", as well as on the clothes of Christian and Fabio Misseroni.

Matthias Rüb

Political correspondent for Italy, the Vatican, Albania and Malta, based in Rome.

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The two men, 28 and 58 years old, were on Monday at 18 o'clock on Monte Peller in the Brenta Dolomites, close to Cles, to about 1500 meters on the road, when they were attacked by the bear. Local media said Fabio Misseroni, the bear was "shot like lightning" from the pine tree, had thrown himself on his son, Christian, the fall of fright hung. "Then I put myself to the bear, in order to defend Christian. He let go of him, bite me in the leg, then the Arm, finally in the Hand. As if by a miracle he let go of me and disappeared. He could get us both killed.“

The two were able to return to the Parking lot and drove to the hospital of Cles. Son of Christian Misseroni could to outpatient treatment in the home. Father Fabio Misseroni, of suffered in addition to bite wounds and a fracture of the right Fibula, is hospitalized, but is expected to be soon released. In the hospital, the Governor visited him on Tuesday. At the press conference, Fugatti said, then, after such an incident with no other choice to stay with him, as the bear for launch release.

82 to 93 adult bears

According to the findings of the government of the Autonomous province, there are 82 to 93 adult bears in the Trentino, recently-born puppies is not included. "Such Numbers that threaten coexistence of man and bear," said Fugatti. There are some indications that it has acted in the case of the bear from the Monte Peller a female defending her litter. Bears in the Trentino since 1999. At the time, was suspended as part of an EU project, a dozen young bears from Croatia and Slovenia in the Adamello-Brenta nature Park. There you have settled in well and diligently propagated. Some of the brown bear to media personalities. JJ1, dubbed Bruno, wandered in may 2006, over the Alps to Bavaria. There he was welcomed joyfully, but fell because of the Three soon in the doghouse. Environmentalists and professionals have tried in vain, the "problem bear" to capture, marriage by Bruno on 26. In June 2006, was shot by a hunter, who remained anonymous.

In Italy were recently the adventures of M49 through the media. The nearly 170-kilogram male of the outbreak was achieved in July 2019 from an enclosure with a meter-high electric fences that had been brought to the very predatory young animal. Months M49 moved by Trentino, Alto Adige and Veneto, crack of goats and sheep, made up of hives. At the end of April M49 went in Trentino, in a for him, set up the event and "sits" since then, again in the animal care center Casteller in Trento. Animal rights activists refer to the recent captivity of M49 as "sad news". What should be done with an M49, the country's main man Fugatti also firing released, is unclear.

at the end of may had a bear of a twelve-year-old Boy during a Hiking trip in the Dolomites with his family, a very close encounter with a brown. Under the guidance of his father, who filmed the procedure with his cell phone, and later via social media, remote the Boy in the cautious steps of the brown bear. The followed him initially, turned several times on its hind legs and then searched the Wide.

the Wolf is arguing is a Problem

While in Trentino, environmental and animal rights activists with the provincial government and the agricultural lobby on the appropriate way of dealing with "problem bears", there are in South Tyrol, the political struggle over the "wolf problem". Such as the brown bear, the Wolf is protected in Italy. 50 years ago almost exterminated, it is estimated the number of wolves in Italy today to just under 2000. Around three-quarters of the Population lives in the Apennines, but also in the Alpine region, wolves reproduce again. In South Tyrol, about three dozen wolves live in packs live animals tear hardly ever animals. For complaints from livestock farmers about the individual wolves face increasing damage caused.

Date Of Update: 24 June 2020, 14:19

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