Terrible pattern: man to once again have mistress killed

It must have been a painful death. 23. June a year ago, Michael Sch drove. with his former girlfriend, Anna S., under the pretext, in his apartment in Krefeld,

Terrible pattern: man to once again have mistress killed

It must have been a painful death. 23. June a year ago, Michael Sch drove. with his former girlfriend, Anna S., under the pretext, in his apartment in Krefeld, he wanted to be with her after the many disputes of the past few months, for the last Time thoroughly pronounce. The two had met at the end of 2017 in an Internet portal, and a strange On-Off relationship led. Even as they were separated for a long time, they met again and again to the consensual Sex. In the spring of 2019, Anna S. had actually made a final conclusion. Although you are in front of Michael Sch. feared and to meet up with even though its members had warned them strongly, alone with her former friend, rose Anna S. in his car.

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At the start of the trial against the 47-year-old Michael Sch. the Prosecutor needs on Wednesday, only a couple of minutes to put the Horror into words, to have in the apartment of the defendant occurred, according to Sch captivated. the naked Anna S. "by means of cable ties and iron handcuffs," and pulled a plastic bag over the head. Then Sch have. the 35-year-old woman "to the satisfaction of the sex drive" smothered, "his motive of jealousy and rage was the fact that the Victim had tried to remove him".

The corpse was not found until today

Whether the fact has actually played? Michael Sch. self does not want to commit to. The hulking man who has listened to the accusation without any apparent emotion, the power of his right to remain silent. Is complicated, the method is also characterized in that the corpse of Anna S. has not been found until today. Investigators suspect that Michael Sch. their mortal Remains to his last work, a Krefeld-based waste to energy plant, disappear left. Sniffer dogs to beat there anyway, but in the trash mountains was not the slightest trace. The chances of Sch., in the process, without a body, for the court has so far twelve more days of trial scheduled to be acquitted, are low. Too many hints and clues have worn the police and the public Prosecutor's office.

There is a cell phone video recording, the investigators asked themselves. In the Film, a largely naked, inert woman on the floor, whose head is in a plastic bag. The bag is tied on the neck of the woman. In the Film, is to see that a man passes on to the wife. A few obscene words are not heard. The investigators are sure of one thing: The Video is in the apartment of Sch. emerged. Him you think you can use the sneakers and a colored sock to uniquely identify. And, in the case of the dead is in the opinion of the investigator because of the eye-catching finger nails, and several apparently well-visible tattoos Anna S.

Sch. a girlfriend

On the edge of the process killed a lawyer for the family of S., and to participate as a co-plaintiff in the main proceedings, of a "very terrible to Happen speaks on Wednesday". Much point in Sch. a "serial killer behaviour" back. Michael Sch. has actually killed a former girlfriend. 22 years ago, and he got up early in the morning with a secretly-made skeleton key access to the apartment of Christine G. in Duisburg. He forced the woman to strip naked. Then he massacred them with 120 stab wounds. The fact is the expression of a "controlled retaliation urge", was the Duisburg regional court, which sentenced him in 1999 for manslaughter to eleven years in prison. Michael Sch. I can't stand the thought of Christine G. leave of him and returned to her husband was. Sch. be emotionally unstable and dependent on the mother, and hardly able to face the reality. He was at the same time, possessive, proud, and braggart, and testified to him of the Duisburg chamber at the time.

It is a depressing pattern that is clearly, as the Essenes judge reads the verdict on Wednesday completely. As in the case of Christine G. Michael Sch is to. also, in the case of Anna S. with great energy and endurance is taken. First of all, he should have tried to bind Anna S. by brutal intimidation in itself. In the opinion of the public Prosecutor, he has tried in September 2018, to put in your Gelsenkirchen, Germany apartment fire – which is why he must answer now in addition, due to arson. Systematically he had spied on the woman, and even secretly put a camera in your apartment installed – for which he can be a key had to reproduce.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2020, 13:19

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