Voluntary quarantine: The last Chance in Spain

this week should finally be celebrated. In Catalonia, they wanted to make up for the feast day in honor of St. George, where people give traditional books and r

Voluntary quarantine: The last Chance in Spain

this week should finally be celebrated. In Catalonia, they wanted to make up for the feast day in honor of St. George, where people give traditional books and roses. He is actually on the 23. April instead. Because of the Corona pandemic, he was on the 23. July moved. However, this date was too optimistic: On the weekend, the regional government has sent the residents of the coastal town and several other towns in the voluntary quarantine. These restrictions were put in place, as they had during the long months of state of emergency in force. However, the infections continue to increase. Soon could be in for more than four million domestic quarantine Catalans are mandatory.

Hans-Christian Rößler

Political correspondent for the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghreb, with its headquarters in Madrid.

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Just one month after the end of a state of emergency, the fear of a second Corona-wave, which was feared in the autumn, grows in Spain. Within only two weeks the number of new infections has tripled. Spain is in Europe, after Luxembourg at the top. Meanwhile, 27 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are registered, most of them in Catalonia and in the neighboring region of Aragon. More than 800 new cases in the last week alone in Barcelona. There, often strikes young people, the behaviour of the pandemic would be over. In rural areas, migrant workers who are harvesting the fruit in use, have helped to spread the Virus.

The admonitions in Catalonia, according to dramatically. The voluntary quarantine was "the last Chance," warned the Catalan government spokesperson. If it is not successful to stop the spread of the Virus, would have to be much more drastic coercive measures taken, similar to how in the since the beginning of July, blockaded province of Segrià. But so far, not many were in Barcelona to the quarantine. At the weekend the police had to close several beaches due to Overcrowding, in the future, the access to which is to be limited. Despite the call to stay at home, drove thousands in their apartments.

France is watching the Situation carefully

For Barcelona and the Costa Brava, the new Figures mean a further setback. Hoteliers have written off the season already. On Thursday they appealed to the authorities, agile, and to respond with the least possible surgical steps to avoid a hard Lockdown, which would be for the economy fatal. In neighboring France, is following the developments closely. Some fear a closure of the borders.

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Actually, the separatist regional government wanted to make to the end of a state of emergency all better than the Central government, which had taken in the first months of the directing in the fight against the pandemic. From Barcelona, the allegation had come to Madrid is because of his poor crisis management in the death of many Catalans with debt. First regional President Quim Torra as fast and hard as possible by grabbing wanted. In order to protect Catalonia better, he wanted to seal off the Region right from the Rest of Spain. Later, the relaxations could not come fast enough. However, according to experts, the latest Figures show that the Catalan health system is not prepared for the new situation.

We have acted too late, criticized the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau. Especially the identification of the contact persons of the Infected and their isolation had not worked. Other mayors are complaining about lack of coordination and the Lack of current data. The Catalan newspaper "La Vanguardia" before in a comment to the regional authorities a "complete Failure" and crisis intervention. In the health offices, the staff, the infectious track chains especially. As recently as last Thursday, the regional government announced to double the total number to 500. In Germany, about 2000 employees are for a comparable population number in use.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2020, 11:19

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