Choose A Paint Colour For Your House As Per Your Personality

Choose A Paint Colour For Your House As Per Your Personality

Picking out paint colours for your home can be a difficult decision. Especially with so many beautiful shades available. Even if you have a favourite shade or two, it might seem difficult to find that exact hue you are looking for. This is why experts recommend picking out a shade that suits your personality. This will help transform your house into a home.

The paint colour you choose for your home can also affect your mood and emotion. Studies have shown that reaction to colour tends to be subjective. For example, warm colours like yellow, red, and orange elicit feelings of warmth while cool colours like blue and green can be calming. You can also combine wall texture design with your preferred colour choice to create a wonderful home that is welcoming and comfortable. You can focus the attention on a particular wall in a room by featuring a beautiful wall texture design on it.

Here are a few palettes put together by experts in the industry to make it easier to choose paint colors for your home:

  • Creative Palette

The creative palette is made up of different shades of greys, blues, and neutral colours. If you are fascinated by art or have a creative side, this palette will appeal to you. This colour palette complements traditional furniture as well as quirky furniture depending on your preference.

  • Dreamer Palette

If you like to keep things simple, the dreamer palette will work best for you. It is made mostly of neutral hues with a pop of pink and blue. The palette allows you to calm down and enjoy your home without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Naturalist

People who love the outdoors and have a close bond with nature will enjoy this lovely palette that has lovely hues of greens, blues, and yellows. It is time to bring in some of the outdoors into your home.

  • Enthusiast Palette

If you are an open-minded personality, who loves to immerse yourself completely into everything you do, you will love the Enthusiast palette. It is made up of burgundy red, deep olive-green, and mustard yellow along with a couple of neutral hues.

  • Minimalist

The minimalist palette comprises of understated neutrals and light blues. If you love the beach, the minimalist palette is a lovely choice.

  • Nurturer

The nurturer palette is filled with warm neutrals like sage green and beige. This will help transform your home into a calm and inviting place where you can be a compassionate and caring host.

  • Free Spirit

If you like walking to the beat of your music, you will love the free spirit palette. This palette consists of a wonderful combination of greens, blues, pinks, and tans.

  • Trendsetter

The Trendsetter palette features bold hues of lovely pinks and greens that will compliment your bold personality. Here is your chance to let your home reflect your wonderful trendsetter personality.

Once you have decided on the colour palette for your home, it is time to decide whether you would like to incorporate some texture as well. With affordable waterproof paint prices in India, it is the best time to give your home a makeover with a new colour palette. Picking out the right colour palette can do a great job of transforming your home into a magical place that you never want to leave.

Updated Date: 19 October 2020, 15:07

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