Javier Milei and Elon Musk giga happy, maybe that’s a detail for you…

Chip and Dale? No

Javier Milei and Elon Musk giga happy, maybe that’s a detail for you…

Chip and Dale? No. Wallace and Gromit? Neither. Dumb and Dumber, then? On April 12, Argentine President Javier Milei and Tesla boss Elon Musk had a meeting in Texas. For a few hours, they visited the Tesla Giga Texas, the brand's factory inaugurated in April 2022. Then they spoke at length face to face. On the menu of the conversation? “The need to free markets and defend the idea of ​​freedom. » Same clothing, obviously.

Let's get straight to the hard part with the pants worn by the Argentine president. Technically, these are cargo pants, recognizable by their side patch pockets inspired by those in which the English military stored their maps at the beginning of the 20th century. Visually, it is above all a total infamy bordering on characterized visual aggression. Too narrow ? Yes. Too salty ? Affirmative. Too faded? Also. Too wrinkled? Quite.

Next to it, Elon Musk's tight black jeans puffed up with elastane are no less old-fashioned, but they have the merit of being clean, and of emphasizing the recent physical transformation of the Tesla boss. In the space of a few weeks, he actually lost around fifteen kilos, arousing concern and fantasy. Musk ended up revealing the recipe for his diet: deprivation of all kinds, intermittent fasting, but above all use of Ozempic, an antidiabetic drug that strongly stimulates insulin production and limits appetite. Always on the cutting edge, Elon.

The belt buckle is no less interesting. This oval plate decorated with a star and the message “Don't Mess With Tesla!”, sold for around forty euros on the company's website, gives us the opportunity to break a powerful myth. No, the big belt buckle is not an authentic and ancestral cowboy delusion. They have long preferred to wear suspenders. But Hollywood changed the situation by imposing belt buckles on the heroes of the first westerns, to better characterize them from a sartorial point of view.

Finally, how can we not note the two thumbs up held up by our heroes of the day, visibly delighted to be there and to bring together, for the common good, ideology, politics, tech vision and business logic? In this regard, let us remember that in the Middle East a thumbs up is historically seen as an aggressive gesture, the equivalent of a middle finger. Quite concretely, this suggests that you want to slip your thumb into the anus of the person to whom you are addressing it. A word to the wise.