Jerry Jones: Week One is a good week for Dak Prescott

In 11 days, the Cowboys will get their 2021 season underway. When it happens, quarterback Dak Prescott will be playing.

Jerry Jones: Week One is a good week for Dak Prescott

Owners and General Manager Jerry Jones said Sunday that Dak is "good to go" for Week One at Tampa Bay.

Jones spoke out about Prescott's week-long practice.

Prescott sustained a shoulder injury in training camp. The Cowboys consulted with baseball trainers after Prescott sustained a shoulder strain during training camp.

Simms stated on PFT Live, that he noticed a change in Dak's throwing movement. Prescott could have protected his ankle in 2020, which could explain the difference. Prescott's throwing power is generated from the right leg. He may be trying to use more of his upper body rather than his lower as he protects the right leg.

Prescott will be playing in Week 1. It remains to be seen if and to what degree he plays as he did before his shoulder and ankle injuries.

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