Need a New Bed Fast? Try Online Ordering!

As is the case with almost anything these days, online ordering when it comes to beds is a rising trend

Need a New Bed Fast? Try Online Ordering!

As is the case with almost anything these days, online ordering when it comes to beds is a rising trend. But before you start browsing, this article is designed to offer some insights into why online purchasing is becoming so popular in the bed world. Many people are still a little wary of ordering online. For reasons such as wanting to ‘try before you buy’ in-store, or perhaps worrying that they aren’t able to see everything that’s on offer by browsing a website. Well, we’re here to reassure you, buying online could actually be faster, cheaper and easier than buying in-store. In fact, according to a 500-people strong survey carried out by the National Bed Federation, over 51% of people chose to buy online as opposed to in-store in 2017/18. And the trend is continuing. Here’s why:


Physically being in-store may seem like the best option before you take a step back and consider your options. And it will always be the preference for some. But if you’re online, take advantage. Shopping online for a bed means that you can comfortably and quickly browse all options: bed types, sizes, details, styles and mattresses, and even make enquiries without having to step foot outside your own home. Not only does this give you the time to research and review, but it also offers details you just can’t get by walking round a shop. What’s more, for those who find it more difficult to get out and about or perhaps rely on public transport, buying online brings the beds straight to you.

Returns Policies

If you’re worried about buying online because you don’t get to try before you buy – ask about the retailer’s returns policy. In the majority of online purchases, there will be a cooling-off period or trial period for the new bed or mattress as standard. If you’re unsure of the details, you can always email or call the online shop to speak with them about their policies before you begin to browse. Plus, if you’re a stickler for shopping around, there’s nothing to stop you browsing in-store first to get a closer look and feel, before returning to an online store with a better knowledge of what your requirements are. The benefits of this are that buying online is usually a faster and cheaper option. Give yourself time to research your options – a quick call to the online store will most likely satisfy your queries about making a future purchase.

Cost & Speed

As we briefly mentioned, buying online is a faster and cheaper process for consumers than buying in-store. If you weigh up the time it could take you to browse in-store, find a representative who has the time to answer all of your questions, and then set up your payment options while waiting for delivery against instant access to an online catalogue – you’ll be gin to see what we mean. Online stores often act as a warehouse operation, which means that the beds online will be quickly available to ship as opposed to in-store processes that may require additional, external ordering. In addition, online stores often have end-of-line stock still available which will be offered at a cheaper price. So, not only is the process of buying more accessible, you will also have more options to choose from.

Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 13:00

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