Polar – Danya Kukafka on death row with the killer

He only has eleven hours and twenty-three minutes left to live in the "House of Death"

Polar – Danya Kukafka on death row with the killer

He only has eleven hours and twenty-three minutes left to live in the "House of Death". Ansel Packer is accused and sentenced to death for the murder of three young girls. We are with him, in prison, in the United States, before the chaplain, before the last protocol, but also through the eyes of those who knew him. Three voices mingle with that of Ansel, the cursed little boy, fruit of a hovel, son of nothing and child who soon plays with the corpses of animals.

These three women, the mother, the twin sister of his wife, the investigator, the three ages of his life, identify a concept... incomprehensible. This quartet - with the theories of each other to understand (if not to explain) - forms the framework of this intrigue, a mixture of suspense and socio-psychological investigation of a brilliant author of 28 springs, hands-on -everything on and off in the middle of editing. Acclaimed across the Atlantic for its singularity and its humanistic approach to crime, An Execution (finally translated) is a rich and sensitive novel that we are sure not to forget.

An Execution, by Danya Kukafka. Translated from English (United States) by Isabelle Maillet (Buchet Chastel, 448 p., €24).

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