Questions You Have to Ask About Non Duality

Questions You Have to Ask About Non Duality

Spirituality is linked to several aspects of human life. It is a vast subject that raises many questions and doubts in mind. Non-dualism is an essential concept in spirituality. If you are wondering what is non duality and how it is connected to your self-consciousness, read on.

What Is Non-Dualism?

Non duality means not two. It is a mature state of consciousness where the dichotomy of I and awareness is centerless. The fundamental of non-dualism focuses on the principle that the whole Universe is made of things that humans perceive. In reality, there is no difference between people, objects, or events, and everything is one.

If you are interested in achieving a higher state of consciousness, you need to know what is non duality in detail. This article shares a few questions that will help you understand non-dualism and the path to achieve it.

How to Practice Non-Dualism?

Non-dualism requires you to strongly believe in its principles, which state the world is false, and God is the only truth you should seek. The world will fall away when you die, and you have to rise to reach God. This is a standard approach to practice non-dualism. It is necessary to not attach yourself with anything in the Universe other than God as it is the ultimate truth.

Is Duality Fake?

Duality is an illusion that humans have chosen to believe. When you achieve a high state of consciousness, you will think and experience the separate entities that are part of your physical world is an illusion. This illusion is the primary reason for your selfishness in this materialistic world that you consider as real.

Why Does Duality Exist?

Every aspect of life in the Universe is balanced. There is always a balanced interaction between opposing forces. These forces are not only the opposite; they are complementary. They exist to balance each other and not cancel each other. 

How to Bring Nondual Awareness?

According to spirituality experts, there are a number of techniques to shift perception and bring nondual awareness. The experience of nondual awareness may last for a moment, but it is valuable and worth cherishing. Once you have accessed nondual awareness in life, it is easy to attain that state again through spirituality.

There are several ways to experience it. For example, look for your head and personally imagine you have no head. The basic principle behind this method is to get an intuitive distinction between the observation and the observer. For example, looking for a head is an observation, while personally imagining you have no head is a concept developed by the observer's mind.

When there is a sudden collapse of an object/subject in your mind, you enter a state of non-duality.

Do People Who Have Achieved State of Nondual Awareness Feel Emotions?

People who have achieved nondual awareness are not robots. You need to understand there is a difference between emotions and feelings. An enlightened person (who has attained a state of nondual awareness) feels the caring, happiness, contentment, the joyfulness of a being. However, they are free from emotions like greed, guilt, depression, resentment, or fear.

How to Achieve Awareness?

The only way to achieve awareness is through meditation. Before starting meditation to gain nonduality, you need to write down what you want to achieve and then track its progress. You need to firmly believe the substance, activity, and form within us are part of the Universe. Awareness is infinite within itself. The reality of being with or without is the key to achieve awareness.

Can a Dualist Person Be an Enlightened Person?

An enlightened person is someone who understands the nature of suffering. The enlightened person feels he must help other people get freedom from suffering. An enlightened person is unaffected by the Universe's reasons and unaffected by religion, body, and tradition. A person who understands the reasons but keeps them in the private sphere has achieved dualism. Hence, it would be the wrong thing to combine both items.

Can You Transfer Consciousness to Others?

Contrary to the belief, self-awareness is not the highest level of consciousness. The hierarchy of consciousness is related to brain complexity. Minimal consciousness can be related to the simple nervous system of our body. The mind is permanently drifting in a wide range of sensory experiences such as fear, warmth, hunger, and little self-awareness.

Only a few people can perceive the world differently due to their higher consciousness. Even then, these people have a limited feeling of self. Consciousness is not a simulation that other people can experience on your behalf. Instead, it is a hall of mirrors where you need to find answers to your perceptions.

To sum up, non-duality is a higher state of consciousness that brings you closer to the ultimate truth that is God himself.

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