Staff and shoppers need to know the requirements of Target Lifts Masks

Target says it won't ask its customers or employees to wear masks, unless it is required by local regulations.

Staff and shoppers need to know the requirements of Target Lifts Masks

Target has changed its corporate policy to no longer require shoppers and staff to wear masks in its stores.

The retailer's coronavirus dashboard was updated Monday by Target. It now states that it won't ask customers or employees to wear masks, unless local regulations require it. Target confirmed Monday's new policy to NBC News.

Target stated that masks are not required anymore, but it said in a statement they will continue to promote social distancing within their locations and regular disinfection protocols.

The company stated that it will continue to offer its team the resources and benefits they require, such as free medical-grade masks and COVID-19 testing, paid leave for those with positive COVID-19 cases, paid time, and Lyft rides for team members who need to travel to and from work to help them get their vaccines.

According to the company, it will continue to monitor guidance for public health and evaluate its response as necessary.

Target claims that it still reserves an hour every Tuesday for vulnerable customers to shop safely. Target also states that its in-store pharmacies offer free N95 masks as part of a Department of Health and Human Services program.

CVS operates pharmacies in Target locations and offers Covid-19 vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that masks be worn indoors in areas with high transmission rates. Sources told NBC News last Wednesday that the agency was considering changing its guidelines. They wanted indoor mask wear to be based on severity of disease and hospitalizations within a community.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has been resuscitated by new strains, hospitalizations and cases of coronavirus have declined across the country, according an NBC News tally.


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