Kansas school shooting: Football player is charged

Jaylon DeseanElmore, 18, has been charged with attempted capital murder for Friday's shooting at Olathe East School.

Kansas school shooting: Football player is charged

He is listed as a senior player on the school's varsity soccer roster.

MISSION (Kan.) -- Saturday's arrest of an 18-year old football player in a shooting which left a school administrator and a school resource officer wounded at a suburban Kansas City highschool.

Jaylon DeseanElmore, a Johnson County prosecutor, was charged Saturday with attempted capital murder in Friday's shooting at Olathe East high school. His bond has been set at $1million and he will not appear in court.

The office of the prosecutor didn't respond to Saturday's questions regarding Elmore's attorney. There is no listing for Elmore in online court records.

Online records indicate that he has been convicted of aggravated robbery in the past. Jaclynn J.B., his attorney in this case, declined to comment.

Olathe police Sergeant. Joel Yeldell stated that the resource officer notified dispatch via radio shortly after 10:30 a.m. on Friday that he had been shot by a student at the office. Yeldell stated that the officer claimed he fired back, wounding and shooting the student.

All three were transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center. One of the patients remained in critical condition on Saturday. Two of the three were discharged.

Elmore is listed as a senior at the school, listed as 6' tall and 185 lbs. He is currently not listed as a prison inmate. Authorities have not yet released information about the injuries or identified the person who is still at the hospital.

The motive has not been released by police and the prosecutor's office did not provide a probable cause statement. The Associated Press did not receive any phone calls from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

Erik Clark is a resource officer at the sheriff's department. He has 15 years of experience and seven years as a school resources officer.

Kansas Senator Cindy Holscher, a student at Olathe East was the one to identify the injured administrator in a tweetas Kaleb Soppel, the high school's assistant principal and athletic director. This is Stoppel’s last year as the position; he will be leaving in July to take over the Wichita District's athletic director role, which is the largest one in Kansas.

In a video that was posted on Twitter, Superintendent Brent Yeager stated that the shooting at OlatheEast High School, with 1,900 students, had "brought into reality a situation we have prepared for, but hoped would never have to confront as an Olathe Community."

Gunfire broke out at the school, and parents were anxious to be reunited after the lockdown.

Yeager stated, "Please be aware that the safety and emotional well-being of our students, staff, and families is our top priority right at the moment as we care for the community." Yeager encouraged the community to hug their loved one "a little closer."

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