2016 and 2020 Elections Should Cause Concern for Americans

Few elections affect global economies more than the United States' elections

2016 and 2020 Elections Should Cause Concern for Americans

Few elections affect global economies more than the United States' elections. Because of this, many leaders of different countries have tried to sway the American elections. Luckily, the United States Constitution has set up a voting system that is difficult to take from American citizens. Difficult, but not entirely impossible.

2016 Election

In 2016, at the end of the Obama administration, many Americans felt Hillary Clinton had already won the election even before it started. The Republicans amassed a surprising number of candidates in hopes of dispelling four more years of a Democrat rule. One of the candidates was Donald J. Trump, a real estate mogul who had no connections to politics.

When the voters turned out in November of 2015 to vote between Clinton and Trump, many believed Hillary would have it by a mile. As the night of November 8th ended, the Americans got the last word.

In America, it’s not the popular vote that matters. It's the electoral college that ensures everyone's vote matters. If left up to the popular vote, then cities like New York would cancel out Tampa Bay, Florida, and the rest of the American cities. The Founding Fathers of America, established the Electoral College, giving every state an equal say in the next President.

After Trump won the Presidency, the Democrat Party set out to undermine the election. They began an inquiry into a made-up Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. The only thing proven by this investigation was, in fact, it had been Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee that orchestrated the false material used to smear the Trump Campaign.

The next four years' events show the lengths the Democrats will go to reclaim power. Why do they want that power so badly? If the American Government's purpose is to serve the American People's interests, shouldn't the members of congress be pleased with whoever the people choose?

2020 Election

The 2020 Election began with the Democrat Party having 24 candidates. All with their seemingly radical ideas, like the suggestion of turning America into a socialist country. Most Americans who supported the idea of socialism did so because they didn't fully understand socialism.

In contrast, when we spoke to businesses in Florida, we found that even lawyers handling cases in the specific legal area of personal injury Tampa Bay were against the idea of turning America away from the capitalist society.

It became obvious that Trump wasn't going to be beaten. Then Covid struck the world. Covid drove the economy Trump had built into the toilet. But Trump's numbers looked strong all the way up to the election. On election night, as Trump was looking at a victory, polling centers came to an abrupt stop.

Some of the states had decided to use machines that had Dominion Software on them. These machines had been proven susceptible to hackers and some states didn't trust the Dominion Software company. Almost every state that uses the Dominion Voting Machines is now being scrutinized.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Democrat or a Republican, these two elections pose serious questions about the validity of voting in America. For centuries, people have been fighting for the right to vote in the United States. Because Americans understand voting is the most important action we can take to determine our country's future. Anything that questions the vote is accurate should cause all Americans great concern.

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