"9-Ticket is a great thing": According to Scholz, the successor ticket will come "soon"

Chancellor Scholz is once again impressed by the 9-euro ticket.

"9-Ticket is a great thing": According to Scholz, the successor ticket will come "soon"

Chancellor Scholz is once again impressed by the 9-euro ticket. During a public dialogue, he announced that a successor solution would soon be forthcoming and that Transport Minister Wissing from the FDP was "on it". Green co-boss Nouripour meanwhile emphasizes the time factor in relief.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz has in principle committed to a successor regulation for the 9-euro ticket. Although this cannot be continued in the same way for cost reasons, there should be a new offer that primarily takes up the principle of the simplicity of the ticket. "We have decided that we will develop something that will come soon," said the SPD politician at a public dialogue in Magdeburg.

"The 9-euro ticket is a great thing," said Scholz when asked by a citizen about the continuation of the offer. This is due to the fact that the ticket is "very cheap", but also "because it is much easier" than the complicated tariff system of different transport associations, some of which are "far too small".

However, the price is so cheap "that everyone suspects that we cannot keep it up in the long run," Scholz continued, but the simplicity is "a very important part of the attractiveness". Therefore, this should be taken up and Transport Minister Volker Wissing "is there," said the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Green co-leader Omid Nouripour announced that within the traffic light coalition, the coalition committee would "convene very quickly" to discuss how previous relief could be continued. "By the way, this also applies to the 9-euro ticket. It is urgent that there is a successor," said Nouripour in the "RTL Nachtjournal". You will also have to spend money to improve the rail infrastructure, said the Green politician.

The chancellor also assured in Magdeburg that public transport would generally have to be expanded more. "We have to make buses and trains more attractive," said Scholz. However, this is only possible in the long term. However, the expansion should take place "by investing more money in rail transport in Germany".

Local public transport is also the subject of a conference of transport ministers of the federal states on Friday. It is about demands for more support from the federal government because of the high energy costs, but the question of a successor regulation for the 9-euro ticket should also be discussed.

Nouripour also commented on the general debate about a third relief package. The "basic principle" must be that the lower incomes in particular should be relieved and "we don't just give money to people who say they don't need it," said the Greens politician on RTL. Avoiding this "watering can" is the "need of the hour". An energy price flat rate was agreed for the last package: "Now we will have to look together to see which groups, which groups of people, for example pensioners, can now also benefit from it and whether the price does not have to be adjusted upwards," Nouripour announced on.