Holmgren, on the Vasaloppets the future Was, unfortunately, right,

14 years ago, predicted Peter Holmgren, that a few people will be interested in the Race in the year 2026, because of the cold winters will become increasingly

Holmgren, on the Vasaloppets the future Was, unfortunately, right,

14 years ago, predicted Peter Holmgren, that a few people will be interested in the Race in the year 2026, because of the cold winters will become increasingly rare. He said, in addition to the world-famous race will not survive its 100-year anniversary in the year 2022.

this Statement brought a strong reaction. However, today, the view, the MP and of the church, and to the meteorologist, that he has got it right.

" this year, there are certainly going to carry out the Race, in part because of the artificial breathing, and technique. However, I have heard that many people are trying to sell their tickets because they have not had the opportunity to work out, " says Pär Holmgren.

" Slowly but surely, the weather gets warmer, it becomes more and more difficult to ski in Sweden. As snöbristen growing in the south of Sweden, I think that the interest in cross-country skiing among the younger generation is going to be reduced.

READ MORE: in the Race to 2020 – the only guide you'll need for this year's skidklassiker”to Stop working against nature” ( Erik Kjellström, professor of climate science at the Swedish meteorological and hydrological institute, with part of it. More of a mild winter means worse conditions for the Race. Of the world will vary somewhat, depending on the size of the emissions in the future.

Even in scenarios with high emissions long into the century, there will be cold winters and, at times, even with a lot of snow and ice. Then, does a mild winter, not that it's completely run of the Race. With new approaches in order to produce, and may also be able to store the snow, I would like to be able to deal with the problems in the years to come, " says Erik Kjellström.

Peter Holmgren said that he was impressed by the Vasaloppets kraftsamlingar in order to keep the Vinterveckan in life.

" But we are seeing a period of 20 years, we need to be able to question all of the investments in the snömaskiner, and other energy resources. Maybe it makes more sense to recognize that the climate is changing, and to stop working against nature, says PM-politics.

" It's a difficult balancing act, since the Race has so much good of their own when it comes to exercise, health, and recreation. As halvmas, I hope, of course, the race lasts a long time, it is important for the community. On the other hand, sending a false signal as part of the challenge of climate change is that we need to get better at being more economical with our resources, not the least of energy.

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the Mats Rylander, hållbarhetsansvarig of the Race, keeping with the respect for the natural environment. It is not possible to bring the snow in to the tracks under any circumstances. However, he is convinced that the interest in the race continues for many years to come.

" There is still a huge demand for the Race, but it's not clear that we can see the challenges that the winter is going to be short. We depend on science in any way. It is our responsibility to continue to pursue the goal of becoming a fossil-fuel-free operation, " he said.

in 2017, made the Race an analysis that demonstrated the events in both the summer and winter, a total of generate of 7 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 85 per cent of the emissions come from the travel of participants, while the snowmaking, and the transport of the snow was up to 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

"We're hoping to be able to gather up the natural snow when it's coming, and we need to make snow, it should be done with green energy," says Mats Rylander.

it's been used to sponsor: to off, and the Volvo, and that it is completely at odds with the Vasaloppets ambitious climate change targets. How do you feel about that?

" Both, and this company has a long-term plan. Preem is in a transitional phase, in order to produce fossil-free fuels, and the company has a clear plan to become fossil-free. That is why we are confident to work with them.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 14:00

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