M to allow municipalities to evade flyktingansvaret

Suddenly, as though mr Ulf Kristersson, and the Conservatives have woken up and realized the EBO-law-unsustainable effects in terms of segregation, and the dete

M to allow municipalities to evade flyktingansvaret

Suddenly, as though mr Ulf Kristersson, and the Conservatives have woken up and realized the EBO-law-unsustainable effects in terms of segregation, and the deterioration of the conditions for the effective integration of new arrivals. As the social democratic representatives at the local level, this is something that we have been living with, and after that if, during the three decades period of time.

Kristerssons, and the Conservatives u-turn on the EBO is basically nothing, of course, welcome; and to have the courage to do and to do right, to deserve her praise. However, the Conservatives will stop, unfortunately, was not there. Instead, the proposed changes to the anvisningslagen, which would only serve to be a substitute for a segregationsskapande legislation with that of the other.
- Rich, M-municipalities to steer clear new arrivals

the Research proposal, the municipalities would be required to arrange for temporary accommodation for the newcomers, for a maximum of two years. Two years is a short period of time, in the context, the next step is simply to be expected. On the contrary, anvisningslagens of intentions, we see it all around in the land of the Rich communities with poor reception – often moderatstyrda has established a system by which to ”place” their assigned newly arrived in the neighboring municipalities in the country.

the District of Ronna in Södertälje, sweden.Photo by: < / b>: Marc Femenia/TT
To change the anvisningslagen in this way, the Conservatives are proposing, would give legitimacy and to continue to allow such a course of action. After two years in temporary accommodation in anvisningskommun, would be the new arrivals, with a high probability of finding the same segregated and socially vulnerable areas such as the EBO in a day, which is the cause. In this way are not in vain, the orderly, the reception of abolition of the EBO would allow.

We have hit an early alarm about the EBO's defects
Out there in the municipalities, we made an early alert that the EBO-law, who was meant to be a frihetsreform, in fact, led to the segregation, overcrowding, and the social welfare of the country.

If we are really going to be able to reverse the trend have to the Conservatives to stop creating new loopholes and start to take on the responsibility.

Nobody objects to the fact that, in the whole of Sweden to serve on these road to self-sufficiency, and the establishment of the society was shortened. There are many indications that things are moving in the right direction. The employment rate for the foreign born is high in Sweden compared with other OECD countries, and in particular that of women, and the provisioning time is getting shorter and shorter. However, major challenges remain to be addressed. We are confident that they will not be solved by laws that allow some municipalities to opt out of responsibility for what has to be a shared commitment.

We are asking that all local authorities take responsibility
We are writing this are doing it as representatives of the local authorities, who over the years have taken a wide-ranging remit of Sweden's reception and integration of newcomers. This is what we will continue to do so. We are not asking for any ”relief” or ”flyktingpaus” – it's just that all of the municipalities of our country should take the responsibility, so that the segregation could be broken, and the people who come here have decent opportunities to provide for themselves and live a good life.

Then, we need to help one another, and orderly, and jointly and severally. As Ulf Kristersson, and the moderate party, to demonstrate the real test of these insights, we are going to give him recognition for it. In the meantime, we will continue to point out the inconsistent and counter-productive policy proposals when we see them. < / span> < / span>

The president of Malmö, sweden

The president of Örebro, sweden

The president of Södertälje, sweden.

the Municipal president of the municipality of Botkyrka.


Our local government has done a lot of "now we need a flyktingpaus READ MORE: Strandhäll: Joakim Lamotte should have left the skyddsvästen in the sandbox. READ MORE: " the Requirement for a contribution: Go to the course in the English värderingarJenny Madestam said That this is the meaning of EBO-law,

Date Of Update: 02 March 2020, 11:00

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