New report: Your makeup contain harmful substances

the Swedish society for nature conservation report, released at the same time as the Swedish première of the thriller ”Dark water,” which is based on a real-lif

New report: Your makeup contain harmful substances

the Swedish society for nature conservation report, released at the same time as the Swedish première of the thriller ”Dark water,” which is based on a real-life miljöskandal, West Virginia. When an entire society becomes ill leading to the tracks at a chemical company, and the substance, PFOA, which has been used in the teflonpannor.

PFOA is a part of the högfluorerade substances, the so-called PFAS, and will be from december this year, will be banned on a global scale. In total, there are over 5,000 different varieties of the substance, and the water - and dirt-repellent properties are the reason why they are used in a variety of different products.

But there is a downside to it. Of all the PFAS are persistent, and spread rapidly in the wild, in which the influence of living organisms. These chemicals are found just about everywhere on the earth, and the people in it, through food and drinking water. Common wastewater treatment plants can't filter out these substances. And the topics that have been investigated and proved to be carcinogenic and harmful to reproductive health, and the immune system.

" the Problem is that the major fraction of the total. PFAS are a large group of subjects, and there are only a few of which have been investigated, which are prohibited at all times. We don't know that much, and it's very disturbing, "said Karin Lexén, the secretary-general of the Swedish society for nature conservation, and are continuing:

" the High level of exposure to substances can be attached to a variety of disorders, impaired immune response, liver damage, and so on. We do know that it's dangerous, and that it does not break down in nature at the same time, we don't know how big the quantities are.

Normal makeup, more of a problem than previously thought
In Sweden, the PFAS have been reported to pollute the water, as these chemicals are present in the brandskum that are used during fire drills. However, not many people are aware that it is also found in common make-up.

In this new report, the Swedish society for nature conservation, together with IVL Swedish environmental research institute Swedish environmental research institute have used novel methods to examine the total amount of the PFAS, which are emitted from cosmetic products in Sweden every year.

the Results show that the emission can be up to 850 times larger than previous estimates have shown. Beauty, therefore, can be considered one of the most important sources of emissions of PFAS in water – more than the brandskum.

the Swedish society for nature conservation is campaigning for a national ban on the substance.

" so Far, there is no law, however, a few substances have been banned in the EUROPEAN union. They are looking at the subject-by-subject basis, and thus, it will take a very long time. There is a proposal of the EUROPEAN commission to ban the PFAS group, but it is too slow. We believe that Sweden will go ahead, " said Karin Lexén.

" Some of the larger companies have said that they will be phasing that out here, but it is entirely on a voluntary basis. There are a number of initiatives, but there is just not enough.

" There are a number of products with no substances, and cosmetic products have to indicate that it is the PFAS in the table of contents. However, they can be hard to read, so you may have to ask the staff at the store.

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Updated Date: 06 March 2020, 10:00

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