Rekordmålning on-the-spot for the tv personality

It's been a few months since the auction. In order to be able to move the n Zonmålning out of the country, required an export permit from the national heritage

Rekordmålning on-the-spot for the tv personality

It's been a few months since the auction. In order to be able to move the n Zonmålning out of the country, required an export permit from the national heritage board.

On Wednesday, was ”Mandolinspelerskan” over to Åland and plan to hang it up in the interview, Anders Wiklöfs a private gallery on Andersudde outside of Finland.

"of course, I'm so glad that I was able to take it, she hangs it on a wall of their own now," says the Wiklöf, who were stuck, both for the beauty of the story.

”Went over to the naked women in oil,”

" It was in the time when Zorn went to Spain, and he thought he could get the painting of the Spanish king. It's a watercolor painting is also special, with the time, was Exclusive to the oil and the naked ladies on that subject.

Knut Knutson was at the club when the ”Mandolinspelerskan” was sold by the Uppsala auction house, for the nearly 3.2 million – with an asking price of 400 000 sek per year.

There was also a Knutson, who took the dyrgripen under his arm, and delivered it to the Aland islands on Wednesday. Wrapped in a thick layer of cardboard.

running the hotel, and the skeppshandel
Age: 73.

Family: his Wife, Rita, the dog, Bjösse.

job title: business leader, kommerseråd, and the honorary degree of doctor of economic sciences.

Residence: Åland (finland).

well-Known for Their great gratisfester on the Åland islands, where he, last summer, invited Bill Clinton to get involved.

the Art of the Almost 300 works in the collection of the Andersudde.

Company: Wiklöf Holding and which operate in the six business areas are:

" the Food and the building, hotel and restaurant operations, skeppshandel (tax-free), halltillverkning, helikopterräddningsverksamhet, and property management. Is also a major shareholder in the bank of åland plc.

the Turnover in the year 2018: About $ 3.8 billion.

Results: About 99.5 million.

Number of employees: 630.

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– Exclusive features have been the most well-known for its naked women in oil, but now it's in, rather than the watercolours, which have come forward. ”Mandolinspelerskan” is from 1884, when john Zorn was 24 years old, is a seminal work, says the art expert, famous from the ”tv-show” on tv.

a total of 136 years in Swedish hands, moving the ”Mandolinspelerskan” to a group of islands between Sweden and Finland. The painting now hangs in the Nordic region's largest privately-owned collection of paintings. Anders Wiklöf, who made a fortune in the taxfreehandel on a ferry in the Baltic sea, and is the majority owner of the bank of åland plc, has close to 300 works in the collection.

to be Lent to the national museum
But I never buy art for speculation, and have not sold a single painting, points out that the Wiklöf, and continued:

" it makes me feel good when I walk around and look at my collection. The whole body was enjoying it, and I'm here every day.

In the summer, Zorntavlan, however, that a temporary return to the Swedish market in order to be displayed in the national museum, from June to september.

Note: Anders Zorn's watercolor ”summer fun”, which became Sweden's most expensive painting, when it is in 2010, were sold at Stockholm auction house on 29 475 000 sek per year.

these are Some of the paintings in the Wiklöfs collection
by Carl Larsson, Lisbeth, and the cherry blossom (1899).

Peter of sweden, the Proud City (1984).

Bruno Liljefors, the Cat, Jeppe, in the sunshine (1884).

Carl Larsson-Midvinterblot (1915).

< Gittan Jönsson, Diskkasterskan (1978).

Albert Edelfelt, Per Brahe the younger (1901).

Albert Edelfelt, Dopfärden (1880).

Ellen Thesleff, Echoes (1892).

the birth of Helene Schjerfbeck, an English peasant woman - Höstros (1887-1888).

Eero Järnefelt, In the bykstranden (1889).

by Hugo Simberg, Kvastgummor (1908).

Karl Emanuel Jansson, Aftonarbete in one of åland's cottage.

as Anders Zorn, Skärgårdsvik.

as Anders Zorn, Mandolinspelerskan (1884).

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