Robin Lehner: It's never easy for the family.'

Yes, there have been a few extremely busy days for Lehner, who won the Swedish newspaper Expressen's career stats at the last of the season, which is the best

Robin Lehner: It's never easy for the family.'

Yes, there have been a few extremely busy days for Lehner, who won the Swedish newspaper Expressen's career stats at the last of the season, which is the best Swedish player in the world of hockey.

Last Monday, the trejdade, Chicago Blackhawks, detroit red wings, him to Las Vegas, and the Golden Knights.

it is Not that the Lehner made a bad season, but because of other factors as well.

It wasn't able to come to an agreement on a new contract for the next few years, and The chances of reaching the playoffs for our team.

" It was just to quiet on their side of the negotiations. Honestly, I don't know really what was going on. It wasn't what I had in mind this season, " he says to SportExpressen after the onset of the Golden Knights.

It was a happy one. Robin storspelade, and helped the team to a 4-2 victory over the Buffalo Sabres on Friday at the T-Moble Arena.

But he wasn't so happy.

" It's been a busy week, so I feel like I was starting to land a little bit today with this game. It's going to take a bit of time to get used to the game system, but I am aware that I have been in a very, very good team. This venue is special, the fans are loud and the atmosphere is fun to experience.

the Coach Peter DeBoer said afterward that he was impressed by that, Lehner was able to demonstrate his class, so quickly.

" It was not an easy task, he was faced with the thought of 'Flower' (Marc-Andre Fleury) had just done to his best game of the season and kept a clean sheet. You don't want to be the goalie, which is why the streak that we're in the midst of being interrupted. I gave him a very tough assignment, but he accepted the challenge and responded in the best way possible.

Lehner let in the first shot, he was looking for a försvarstabbe by a team-mate, who gave Back an open position.

" it would have been ten years ago, I had been struggling off the start, but now I'm trying to just focus on the next shot and the next one to the rescue. We got better and better the longer the game went on, " he said.
”Can have a more leisurely pace”
- Robin Lehner made a great success of the New York Islanders last season on a team with a strong structure of the game. Many are similar to the Golden Knights spelmodell with the Team.

" of course, there are similarities, but also differences. I don't think I need to be as mobile in the bin, as I was for the last four or five months in Chicago. It helps me keep a slower pace on my game, and to show more patience, when I look out of my team-mates are acting defensively.

When Robin was asked in the locker room about how difficult it is to change the law quickly and not let it affect their attitude, he said.

" we try not to think about it, but just to go out and do their very best to provide lagkamraterna for a chance to win the game. I feel that I have made a few key saves in the second period, and then the guys all for helping me out in the third period.

" Well, no, I wouldn't say that it was nerve-racking, but there is a lot going on when you are trejdad. You need to move out of the family, and it will take a few days to calm down, but I got ahead of the game, I arrived a little bit after all that's happened in the past. It's a fun arena to play in, so for about ten minutes, I thought it was fun out there on the ice.

" Well, yes, this is a really, really good team, that have been in full swing for the last couple of months. It's great to be a part of it, and see just how much you are able to help at the moment.

" But I thought it was funny, in Chicago, also, by the time I got to play a lot, and we were only one point off the play-offs, but since it was, as it were. I knew that I would be trejdad, and I am very pleased to see that it got to this point.

" no, No, not right away. They have their own long-term plans , so it was quite strange, with all of it. They took me in because they wanted to go to the playoffs, and then when I finally got to play, and has won a lot of games, and we had a good chance to make a slutspelsplats, they stopped playing me. And I didn't hear as much from them as well. I trejdad, as you know.

With the Lehners, the entry of the Golden Knights will have one of two toppmålvakter, as Marc-Andre Fleury is already here, which is the established number one.

Hailed by William Karlsson -

the Team tops the table for the Pacific division, and are now making an effort to attain a new Stanley Cup.

the Man had the successful first season in the NHL, 2017-18, but it fell to the Washington Capitals.

Now should you go all the way, it's supposed to. Two toppmålvakter in the line-up.

"he is a very good goalkeeper," says teammate William Karlsson's, which is found great shape, two years ago, and is starting to produce goals and points in a battle of power once again.

" Robin Lehner has been praised greatly during the past year for his contributions off the ice, too, when it comes to the debate on the mental health and well-being of athletes.

according to his article in The The Club in the autumn of the year 2018, there is hockeystjärnor dared to stand up and speak out about their struggles.

this is Something like the Lehner welcome.

the Monday Meeting of the Vancouver Canucks, is the latest example of this.

The campaign will be carried out in parallel with his play in the jersey number 90 in the Las Vegas area.


Date Of Update: 01 March 2020, 22:00

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