Royal bliss: the visits of the royal palace is on the increase again

When the King takes a look at the records of the various activities of the so are things any better for the start of 2019 than in the previous year. There are,

Royal bliss: the visits of the royal palace is on the increase again

When the King takes a look at the records of the various activities of the so are things any better for the start of 2019 than in the previous year. There are, however, still get a little bit heavy, Slottsstaten, whose business is the care and maintenance of the royal palaces, the goods and visningsverksamheten linked to that of the slot machine. However, things are moving in the right direction, and in 2019 is a tiny, tiny surplus of eur 125 000: - sek, compared to a minus of 5.8 million us dollars by 2018.

It is clear from the Slottsstatens the annual report for the start of 2019.

" profits are up by around 15 million. The explanation for this is that there has been a lot of visitors at the castle. The year before it was a hot summer and beat the negative impact of the visits and, in particular, of the smaller castles, " says Jan, the government, the finance manager.

" Yes, it is important to have a surplus in order to be able to use and maintain. In the long term, it should be more of a surplus than what we have at the present time, but we are currently in an investment period, " said Jan Lindman.

An exhibition of the textile artist Märta Måås–fjetterström's works are in the royal palace of Stockholm has also benefited the people ever since the fall.

It is, by far, the greatest attraction is the royal palace of Stockholm, followed by the royal residence of Drottningholm.
Jan, the government, the finance manager.Photo by: < / b> to the royal court.see the

as Of the financial statements.

, Visits to the royal palaces, increased by 6 per cent (-5).

, the Entrance and the visningsintäkterna up by 9 per cent to sek 91.1 million. (83,4). Here you will find music concerts, exhibitions on various themes, and guided tours are available.

, the Sales revenue of the slottsbodar and cafes 18.3 million, as compared with 14.9 for the year 2018.

, the personnel costs have also increased. The annual report reveals that these costs have gone up by 4.3 million to 122,4 million. This increase can be explained in part by the higher the wager is, when it comes to the development of the ”public activities”, but also due to the wages and salaries have increased.

the King and the Queen, in the preview of the exhibition, and by the Märta Måås–fjetterström's works, the majority from the Royal collection.Photo by: < / b> Sara Friberg

the Sale of the Slottsboden at the royal Castle in Stockholm, sweden would most likely increase properly the shop was in a direct connection to the ”besöksflödena” (i.e., the input or the output in which the visitors to the castle pass by. However, so far it seems to be a touchy subject.

The castle is well aware that a strategically located Shop can generate more money by the king's fund.

" in this environment, we think it doesn't really fit for it. It is a cultural-sensitive environment, if you were to do a big shop at one of the entrances into the castle. Now to balance the commercial and the cultural-historical heritage, " says Jan, the government, the finance manager.

The royal hotel
Royal palace

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A castle.

in China.

royal mews

Rosendals slott "

the Tullgarns slott
Rosersberg's castle.

the Museum of the castle.

Gustav III:s pavilion, City.

Gripsholms slott

The castle Share merVisa off
the Annual report for the Royal Djurgården park, shows that the company was back by 11 million, compared with nearly 39 million loss in the year 2018. In the year prior to that, the low gain of nearly 20 million.

the King opened the Folke Bernadotte bridge, on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, sweden. The bridge goes over to the djurgården canal, and connects the museum park of Rosendal.Photo by: < / b>, JOHAN JEPPSSON / IBL

this is One of the most substantial investments made in the previous year, on the island of Djurgården where the Folke Bernadotte bridge over to the djurgården canal, which was opened in september this year. The cost for the 2019 to a low of 13 million for the bridge.

" No amount of money can go out of the Club's activities. All surpluses and deficits are to be handled, on the island of Djurgården. The important thing to the island of Djurgården, is the beauty of the island of Djurgården, in the long term. They have a very, very long-term view of their income, and they have a lot of real estate. This means that the results oscillate up and down a lot, " said Jan Lindman.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 21:00

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