So, the spread of misinformation about the virus: adversely Affects

In a tidal wave of data on this new coronavirus is spread false rumors, and pure misinformation. The EU vs Disinfo, which is an integral part of the EU's exter

So, the spread of misinformation about the virus: adversely Affects

In a tidal wave of data on this new coronavirus is spread false rumors, and pure misinformation. The EU vs Disinfo, which is an integral part of the EU's external action service, since the virusutbrottet plowed through, internet sites, television broadcasts, and other scattered information. So far, they have been able to identify that the misinformation about the virus's spread, soon to be 80-odd times.
The Russian-speaking articles alleged, among other things, that the coronavirus is, as a bio-weapon.

Desinformationen has since been picked up by others, among them many members of the public, which, in turn, gave the information to further the spread, which is the Swedish radio has reported.

"We're seeing a lot of misinformation and inaccurate information on the new coronavirus, it is spread out wide and is very serious," says Johannes Bahrke, a spokesperson for the EUROPEAN commission to the radio.

A recurring event is that a lot of the desinformationen is coming from Russian sources, according to the EUROPEAN union vs the Disinfo. Among the false information is that the united states would be a cause of the virus, the virus used as a biological weapon, and that there is a way to look at China and Russia as well.

< Statsepidemiologen used for the injured
In Sweden, among other things, statsepidemiologen Anders Tegnell at the Folkhälsomyndigheten used for the dissemination of the false claim that colloidal silver will cure the infection. The data have been spread, not least in the social media sites and forums where alternative medicine is discussed. Tegnell has been denied the data, and, in addition, has warned of the danger of colloidal silver.

< Statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell, has been in the rumor mill on the internet.

social media is also spreading to several kedjebrevsliknande information about the new virus. A chain of different tasks and many different people, including, among other things, ”the Italian doctor, Dr Lidia Rota”, has come to the attention of the nätgranskande site Källkritikbyrån. The letter alleged several irregularities, among other things, that hot drinks are neutralizing the virus. In the other version of the letter, it is recommended, ginger, garlic, and black pepper, or to to the gargle - in spite of that, no cure for it is a virus.

In his letter, claimed that the virus is unable to tolerate the heat, however, the world health organization (WHO) has stressed that the virus was able to spread to most parts of the world, where it is hot and humid. Another false rumor is that if you are able to hold their breath for ten seconds without coughing, so that it is not contaminated.

Unicef is fighting back against the wrong data
the UN agency, Unicef, has also been used to spread disinformation. In the last week, they were forced to go out with a harsh statement that was rejected by the world, would be behind the data, to avoid the ice-cream and other cold foods to combat the virus.

" We are asking the general public to search for the correct information on how to keep yourself and your family healthy from the authoritative sources such as the Unicef or the WHO, as well as representatives from countries, public health authorities, and the trusted, professional health care staff. And for that, you have to refrain from sharing the details from unreliable and unverified sources, " said Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, vice-director of the Ed.

the Newspaper Bohusläningen do for an article that claims to be from their web site and disseminated on social media. In the article there is incorrect information on the coronavirusets the spread of the City. It has been reported to the police in the event:

"At a time of extreme uncertainty, one out, and the doctor Bohusläningens the items in our logo, to produce fake news about something as serious as the spread of the coronavirus," says Bohusläningens editor-in-chief: Gunilla Håkansson is the in-house newspaper.

Nätjättar, such as Youtube and Facebook have said that they will counter the misinformation and to highlight the knowledge-based information. Among other things, to Facebook to let the faktagranskare to go through the questionable claims, and where the mark-up is something to be false, to be spread on Facebook and Instagram be limited, as the BBC told us in the past.
The chinese propaganda is to be scaled up,
a Journalist and a china expert Jojje Olsson also noted that the chinese government has stepped up its propagandaspridning of the virus. The latest of which is to suggest that the virus may have not at all originated in China. This theory was first reported by the state news agency, Xinhua, has since been given wider dissemination through the government media and the diplomatic corps.

" At first, it was important for them to emphasize just how well they had dealt with the fact of the outbreak, that the government had taken the right steps from the very beginning, and that the Chinese political system and the leadership's handling of the outbreak, and saved the lives of many chinese people, but also prevented the virus from being spread abroad.

" in the beginning of march has been one of the state-run media, and through the various diplomatic corps have begun to argue that the first case came up in China, it does not mean that there has been in China, says mr Olsson to the local.
the Chinese diplomatic service is being used, in order to, among other things, on Twitter to a doubt about the virus coming out of China.

According to Jojje Olsson, this is the main message that is being put forward by the regime of the moment. The target is both domestic as well as international audiences.

" the use of social media sites that are blocked in China, for example, Twitter etc.

"We are also seeing the chinese ambassador giving interviews to foreign television and the ministry of foreign affairs interlocutors, who question both in the press and on Twitter, where the virus is coming from China or somewhere else away from," he said.
PROGRAM: ”Each of us must take the responsibility,”

Maria Bergstrand is associate director of operational management at the Swedish civil contingencies Agency, MSB.

"the Danger is that it is an unnecessary concern and it is affecting the situation negatively because people don't follow the advice and recommendations that are well-defined by the heads of the actors," she says to Expressen.

in This context, it is important that each of us will shoulder our responsibilities. We will need to be closely involved in its development. We need to search for the information that has been confirmed throughout time to be the source-critical question: where was this from? Who is it that sends this message, and what it can be for the reason that the source would like to say something?

< Bergstrand, refer to the krisinformation.ensure that the responsible authorities, the joint web site with the information.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 17:00

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