Strong börsras goes on and on – stop mode of trading in in New York city

Are you worried about your finances?Yes, it is a jagInte jätteorolig, but I'm starting to get NejVisa resultatRöstaGå back to the fråganOmröstningen is intende

Strong börsras goes on and on – stop mode of trading in in New York city
Are you worried about your finances?Yes, it is a jagInte jätteorolig, but I'm starting to get NejVisa resultatRöstaGå back to the fråganOmröstningen is intended to give an idea of what the readers of the Reports.see, think about it. This will not be representative of all and should therefore be treated with caution. Thank you for your reply.

The stock market turned right when trading started on Monday morning. In Oslo, the börsöppningen even harder by a collapse of more than 10 porcent, in order to provide on - the 9 per cent. The norwegians are affected by both the virusoro and oljeprisras.

the price of Oil could plummet below $ 30 a barrel, according to Goldman Sachs analysts, according to Bloomberg News. What are the levels at which some players will find it difficult to survive, according to the investment bank. Brentoljepriset to a little over $ 36 per barrel in mid-morning.

When stock market trading began in New York city on Monday afternoon, australian time, the tumbles, the S&P 500 index fell by seven per cent. That is, an automatic action is stopped, then all of the commerce in about 15 minutes.

While the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq was down seven per cent in the opening trade.

In the red in the stock market. One of the few exceptions was the gaming company Leo Vegas as the stage on Monday, and was followed by lunch at 26,70 kronor, an increase of 2.3 per cent.
the price of Petrol down to a 35-penny
at the same time, fuel prices down properly. A litre of 95-octane gasoline went up with a 35-cent, and cost 14,58 at the manned stations. The price of diesel also fell, with a 35-cent, and it costs 15,08 per gallon.

it's drivmedelspriser is a long way from the peak of 17 in may of last year, a litre of 95 octane cost 17,14 dollars. The price has been since the fallen by sek 2 to 56 cents.

It was a Friday night, as negotiations between the OPEC countries and Russia, took it's a different story. The negotiations with a view to reducing production in an effort to meet the decreased demand for oil due to the coronavirusets spread all over the world.

However, Russia refused to go along with the agreement, and the trade is closed for the weekend.

on Saturday, said saudi Arabia, that would bring down the price of oil by 10 per cent.
the Experts: it Can lead to a price war
some Experts believe, now, that the trend may be the beginning of a price war, which could have disastrous consequences for, among other things, Russia oljeallierade, Venezuela, china, Iran, and american oil companies, writes the New York Times.
the stock Exchange of the world over
the milan stock exchange: -10%.

on the Helsinki stock exchange,: - 6.3 per cent.

Copenhagen: -5 per cent.

Frankfurtbörsens MARKET index, a negative 7.7 per cent.

Japan is Approximately 6.7 percent.

Oslo: a little Over 10 percent.

the tokyo stock exchange: or 6 percent.

the Hang seng index in Hong kong is: To 4 per cent.

the New York stock exchange and 6 per cent.

View the merVisa off
After trade is opened up again for a Sunday night, australian time, the collapsed oil price. The north sea oil slumped more than 30 per cent-to 32,05 dollars a barrel. A few moments later, the stabilization of the reduction to 20 per cent. That is, according to Bloomberg News, the largest price reduction at the age of 20.

" It was dramatic, yesterday, when saudi Arabia decided to prisdumpa in the oil and produce a lot more oil. It was very surprising to us. At the same time, the united states has had strained at the bonds. Yesterday there was a conference call between the banks, in which the tones were very, very negative, " says Joakim Bornold, sparekonom at Söderberg & Partners.

" I think it's reminiscent of the start of the financial crisis. This does not mean that it will be – but the signs are pretty much the same.
the Race on the stockholm stock exchange
the stockholm stock exchange plunged by more than 7 per cent in the opening trade, and then recover somewhat, and the low-on - 5 per cent.

Coronavirus and the fall in oil prices is shaking the equity.Photo by: < / b> WANG, YING / STELLA PICTURES/PRNEWSWIRE/CONFIRMATION.The RED B950

According to the analyst, and the sparekonomen Joakim Bornold are we any closer to a recession than, ”when we went into the year.”

And in the oil trade is one of the factors that affect the stock market ahead.

" It's still a very, very crucial. They are concerned that the energy crisis is not only a problem of the organization of petroleum exporting countries, the level of investment in the oil also go down. A large part of the total investments in the united states goes to the oil industry, and they will learn to stop.

"It is alarming to the saudis dump the price of oil," says Sergey Bornold.

Scrooge's Bornold is the swede to hold on to their investment and not to panic.

" If it becomes uncomfortable, then pull it down a little bit. However, the stock market will come back.

" It could get a lot worse before it's over. The speed case due to the fact that many people are trying to re-write their predictions. If you're on the way out of a recession, can the stock market will fall further. It is probably dangerous to feel that this is the bottom.
the Analyst and the manager of the market, with the rise of the oil price race, as well as the coronaoron.Hear sparekonomen Joakim Bornold to act as a screen saver.

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Updated Date: 09 March 2020, 14:00

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