Suhonen has not been understood in our annual report

Daniel Suhonen writes in an opinion piece in the Express newspaper that the Authority put hundreds of millions of dollars each year on information and communica

Suhonen has not been understood in our annual report

Daniel Suhonen writes in an opinion piece in the Express newspaper that the Authority put hundreds of millions of dollars each year on information and communication, as well as the orange envelope, should be scrapped so that the government will be able to pay decent pensions. There are a lot of misconceptions going on with the pensions, and the Suhonens op-ed piece is an example of this. This is why one of the Pensionsmyndighetens mission is to inform about the scheme and what is important to the future of the scheme.
Customer service costs
out Of the millions and millions of Daniel Suhonen is referring to, so there is a small part of the orange envelope. It will cost about 30 million for the development, printing, and postage per year, and will be sent to the 7 750 000 of the pensioners and of the pension. It is the largest single cost in the field of information and communication, customer service, responding to approximately 466 000 phone calls, 140 and 700 e-mails as well as 5 000 inquiries through Facebook, all of these are mainly from retired people who need assistance, or have any questions about your pension.
The actual cost of the pensionskuvertet as Suhonen wants to scrap 30 million, writes the relevant Authority. Photo by: < / b> PATRICK (C) ÖSTERBERG/IBL
The second largest component of the advocacy is to develop and manage the digital channels for the pension and retirement age. This includes providing comprehensive information on the website, and to develop the basic services, so that it is easy to take out of their pension, or to apply for such as housing allowance. This is also part of our hälftenfinansiering of minPension, it is the only service in which the pensionsspararen can get a full picture of their retirement savings, as well as a forecast for the whole of his future pension benefits. In 2019, we have also developed a Uttagsplaneraren, along with the minPension, in order to make it easier for those who are planning to retire.

113 location
For the means of disseminating information that is still then be paid for, among other things, the involvement of the 113 service, which is run by the Government service centre, in order to permit a physical meeting, a training for those who are planning to retire in, and support for linguistic minorities and for the digital exclusion.

Pensionsmyndighetens instructed to advise on pensions, the aim is to provide the individual with a comprehensive view of the whole of the pension, as well as provide information about what is affecting the amount of the pension, the pension is likely to be and to make it clear what the consequences of different choices may have on their pensions. That is why it is important to understand that it will affect the future of the pension, and how much you will earn throughout his or her life, or if you have an occupational pension and the age at which they take out of their pension. To Daniel Suhonen to create the impression that, if the Authority took the orange envelope, so for the pensions increase, is not conducive to a better understanding of the future of the scheme. If we were handing out to the 30 million sek that the envelope is the cost per annum to pensioners, so the pensions to increase by 13 per share per year, or just over a penny a month.
It could always be better
We have to understand that Daniel Suhonen is often misunderstood in the annual report, as we do every year. He don't want to, that the Authority does not have a web site, it does not give the opportunity to apply for a pension, and that no one is answering the phone when users call.

With that being said, there are still areas for improvement, and challenges in the understanding of pension benefits. Therefore, the efforts of the us, more so every year, in order to get the information, and the development of digital services, so that everyone will be able to predict their future pension, and are easier to deal with the matter in the us. < / span> < / span>

as the director of Communications at the Authority.

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Date Of Update: 28 February 2020, 14:00

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